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Noisy Breathing

We are visiting Tassi.

The flight over was pretty easy, the kids were annoyed when the flight attendant told us to turn the ipad off for landing, but we sang and managed.

The Taste of Tassi is incredible. Everyone is happy and friendly, the weather is warm to hot and the food is delicious. The taste is on the docs surrounded by all the Sydney to Hobart Yachts, the buzz in the air is magical. At this time of year, Tassi is like a tropical paradise.

I have dragged the kids around through Salamanca, friends houses and everywhere in between. We had plans to visit my friend Fiona down in the Huon Valley on Monday but Monday morning at about 1.30, Tova woke me up with her noisy breathing.

Sarah (my sister) came over at about 2.30am (her daughter was staying at her grandmothers for the night, making Sarah 'available') and Dad and I drove down the the Royal Hobart Hospital. I told the Triage lady the usual panic "x24 weeker, chronic lung, labored breathing, multiple admissions for respiratory issues including into ICU and she crashes quickly". The lady told me to take a seat. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. But Tova wasn't at her worst so we sat. I had a look around the waiting area and noticed a man in a chair with a blanket and a drip in his arm. I was astonished, as to me it seem really unreasonable to leave  a person in the waiting area with a drip in. After about half an hour, it could have been an hour, the man with the drip and his friend ripped the drip out, threw the drip pole with the attached drip up to the triage window while shouting "the treatment here is disgraceful?" and walked out, I totally agree with him!

Tova crashed quickly and finally they noticed! 5 people surrounded us and sped us off to the resus area where they gave Tova adrenalin and monitored her. Idiots, I told them she crashed quickly, they didn't even listen to her with a stethoscope when we arrived. I can't believe the way Tova was treated. We went down to the ER kids bit, which had plenty of empty beds, so I am still confused why they made us wait. They shouldn't have!

Anyway, I didn't be rude, I did however mention that it was wrong that we were made to wait until the moment after Tova crashed. Everyone in the Hobart Hospital was friendly to me and Tova. It is much nicer than Monash. Monash is so tired and grotty.

When we got to the ward we were given a single room because their policy is that if a patient has been in another hospital with in a month they must be put in isolation. Nice! The room was big and bright with a view of Hobart including a bit of the water front.. Parents get treated much better there too. They even provide breakfast for the parent that stayed the night, oh and meals for one parent.

Tova was quite well by now but we had to stay over night because of Tova's history. The nurses really didn't have much to do with Tova yet they kept coming in every hour or so to ask if there was anything we needed, (food, toys, books, drinks etc) Monash don't do that. Hobart has a much better quality of service. Everyone was friendly.

I was pretty tired after only 2 hours sleep and fell asleep on Monday night at about 9.30pm. It wasn't the worst sleep in the world, but not the best either. I woke a few times in the night and Tova stirred a few times. We both woke at about 7.30am..

Rick (my brother) and his family arrived on Monday night and are staying at Dad's too. So when Tova and I got back to Dads on Tuesday morning everyone was there waiting. Everyone except Nissim, who had stayed at my sisters on Monday night. He was a good boy and didn't mind waking up to Sarah in my bed and spending the day with Dad and Sarah. He had dinner with Lilly and Sarah and Sarah's mums and then slept in Sarah;s bed with Lilly and Sarah. He came back to Dads before lunch time and was so excited to see all the people at Dads house. The kids all had such a wonderful day playing in the sun/shade.

I have lots of photos and will put some up when I get back to Melbourne or find some time before.

You can bugger off now croup! We are so very sick of you

Mullumbimby and Back
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