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Not sure what is going on

Early this morning at about 2.30am I was woken by a croup coughing Tova. However, she was sleeping and didn't seemed stressed.

I let her sleep.

She woke Yuval and I a few more times during the early hours of the morning, but she remained calm and sleeping. Yuval went to work at about 4.30am and was on standby for a call from me telling him to rush home because I was taking Tova to hosptial.

Strangly, I didn't have to make that call.

I let Tova and Nissim sleep until they woke up. Tova first at 8ish and Nissim a while after that.

Tova ate her massive breakfast as she always does and was happy and bright as though nothing was wrong.

Nissim refused to eat toast in the car and insisted on eating a proper breakfast at the table. So we were late to creche. Fair enough.

I was umming and aahhing about taking Tova to creche, but decided that since she was acting completely normal and happy even, it would be mean to keep her home with me. So I took her to creche. I gave them the run down and told them that if they were unsure about anything at all to call me and I would come get her.

I sat by my phone all day waiting and expecting to get a call. I really thought Today would be spent in hospital. But they didn't call.

Tova had a great day at crech as did Nissim at his.

So now we just have to make it through tonight. I wonder what will happen. I have set up the humidfyer and a heater in Tova's room to help avoid croup.

I guess I will go to bed early in case we end up in the stupid hospital all night. Gawd, I shudder just thinking about it. not again... please....

Poor Tova.

So far, so good
Nothing to report