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Nothing to report

We have had a couple of scares with Tova having noisy breathing over the past few days. But it has passed quickly and we haven't needed to go to hospital.

Eating is pretty much the same. Eating heaps, being fed, practicing self feeding.

Drinking is still hard for her. We are trying to get her to close her mouth when she drinks, but it isn't really working. Drinks are a 3 bib event, and usually a change of clothes.

Nissim is being cute as ever. He is a gentle and caring boy who says lots of funny things. Every night after the kids are in bed I think about the things that they said to me during the day. It always makes me laugh. They are so fun and so funny.

We weighed Tova last night. She was 11.1kg.

I hope we don't have to go back to hospital, not sure if I can cope with it again. It is so yuk and so scary every time!

Not sure what is going on
Croup, need I say more