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So far, so good

Well, Tova has been fine during the days and coughing a little in the colder hours of the morning eg: from 5am onwards.

Once she is up, she stops coughing pretty much.

We have had a heater and humidifier in her room during the night, perhaps that is helping somewhat.

So, no hospital for now.. maybe this really is the beginning of a new non hospital going Tova!

Nissim has been asking how to sign lots of words as Tova mostly communicates with Auslan (she can hear, but for one reason or another does not talk, well she does say aba, ipad and umbrella). He has been asking how to sign 'Nissim', rather than teach him how to finger spell (which Tova knows how to do) Yuval and I looked up the sign for the meaning of his name in English = Miracles. That is now going to be his sign name. We will show him tonight when he gets home from creche.

Croup but different
Not sure what is going on