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Still no Hospital

Tova has been a little bit sick since when ever it was that I last posted. However, she hasn't needed to go to hospital. It is wonderful!
I love a 'normal sick Tova'.
Of course it is nerve racking every night, wondering if we will be woken by noisy breathing. But so far so good.
Tova has just had a cold. A very slight runny nose and a cough.
Nissim too, on and off. Me too actually.
Yuval, well perhaps it is still coming for him..

One of Tova's friends from NICU days is back in the children's on CPAP because of such bad asthma. Get well soon Montana, we love you!

Nissim has started creche for a third day a week. It is really nice for me, and for him. He really needs that now. Next year I hope that he will go 4 days a week. Tova too, she really needs more creche. I am far too boring for them to spend too many days with.
I am just not sure how I would fit all Tova's therapy in and 4 full days of creche. She currently does 2 full days and 1 to 2 half days. She would be more than happy to spend 7 days at creche, especially with such AMAZING teachers. Her creche go above and beyond my expectations. They truly are fantastic+.
When kids have birthdays at creche the chef makes a birthday cake, they always puree some cake for Tova too, so she can join in the fun.. So cute!

Not much else to report. I am just happy that Tova has avoided being admitted to hospital for 2 months, and been sick during that time!

We really need to find a therapist that has experience with feeding issues, as we would love to move on with Tova. I would love her to start eating food that isn't pureed and love her to start self feeding. I look forward to the day I can  hand her a Vegemite sandwich and she takes it and eats it.. wow, I can't even imagine how liberating that will be for her and me. The hunt for therapists begins.

Lively Eaters
Croup but not....