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We have not used a syringe to give Tova a drink for over a week, it could even be a couple of weeks!

She drinks from a cup now. Not by her self yet, but she is trying!

It is quite a fabulous change, it is much less stressful in public giving Tova a drink from a cup rather than a massive syringe. It feels good!

I haven't been able to throw the syringes out, perhaps later today? It is going to be fantastic to get rid of them and look forward to all the good things yet to come!

Clever Tova!

Nissim is doing so well with toilet training. It has been hard, but quick. He is very good at pipi in the toilet (or on the trees). He will initiate it him self, we don't have to keep asking him (I do ask him every so often just in case). Even when he was having quiet time watching TV, he came running down to my bathroom and went to the toilet, he is such a smart little man. Now we just have to work on him doing caca in the toilet. He is at creche today, I know he will need to do a poo today! I wonder what will happen! haha.. I told him that he can tell the teachers to let him call me and Aba if he does a caca in the toilet!

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