Nothing to report

We have had a couple of scares with Tova having noisy breathing over the past few days. But it has passed quickly and we haven't needed to go to hospital.

Eating is pretty much the same. Eating heaps, being fed, practicing self feeding.

Drinking is still hard for her. We are trying to get her to close her mouth when she drinks, but it isn't really working. Drinks are a 3 bib event, and usually a change of clothes.

Nissim is being cute as ever. He is a gentle and caring boy who says lots of funny things. Every night after the kids are in bed I think about the things that they said to me during the day. It always makes me laugh. They are so fun and so funny.

We weighed Tova last night. She was 11.1kg.

I hope we don't have to go back to hospital, not sure if I can cope with it again. It is so yuk and so scary every time!

Croup, need I say more

Nissim had a cold a week ago, I got it a few days later, then Tova and now Yuval.

Tova ended up with Croup, in the ambulance, hospital stay overnight and home again the next day.

Need I say more?

Tova's eating is very much the same.

Nissim however has gone on hunger strike, for example, Tova ate 1.5 sausages today and Nissim struggled to eat half of one! This has been going on for over a week. I hope it is just a sickness related issue.

One More Kilo

We weighed Tova a couple of days ago...


Tova had a check up with the Grommet surgeons the other day, one of the grommets is already growing out. Weak ear drums apparently. So, the decision has been made (I made it) that we don't do grommets again. There is a magic tincture that is being sent to me from Tasmania, natural medicine! It fixed my sisters ears when she was little, it ensured that she avoided grommets..


Hearing Test

Yesterday Tova had a hearing test to see if the Grommets have made a difference.

Firstly they tested if the Grommets were working properly and discovered that one of them is blocked, the other one is working perfectly. So I have to talk about the blocked one with the surgery team at our check up in a couple of weeks. Hopefully it isn't causing Tova any discomfort.

Secondly they did the hearing test. Nissim came into the room and was a PERFECT boy, he sat there quiet as a mouse for the entire time. I am so proud of him. The Audiology lady didn't want him to come in and told me she would find someone to sit with him outside the room, I told her that made me very uncomfortable (leaving my little boy with a stranger), so she reluctantly let him come in..

So, the end result of Tova's hearing test is that she has very good hearing! Thank god a billion times over! There are no words to express how wonderful that is. One less thing to worry about, one less challenge for Tova. It is absolutely wonderful!

You Guessed it... Croup Again

I got Internet For the hospital finally just the other day. I thought it would mean that we wouldn't have to be admitted again, I was wrong.

This morning tova woke with very noisy breathing. I gave the happy girl ventolin a massive breakfast and kept an eye on her for a couple of hours. When the breathing turned into croup coughing, I rang uv to ask him to come home from work and then rang the ambulance. They both arrived pretty much at the same time. Nissan was such a good boy. I told him that the ambulance was on it's way and he asked me where he should be whethe paramedics came into the house.

Tova was happily playing with the iPad on the couch breathing so loud that the windows could have shattered.

The paramedics took tova and I into the ambulance and gave her adrenalin. One of the paramedics has a child that had spent time in nicu and about two years of croup after. So it was nice that he had that connection. Ambo people are always so nice.

Tova responded well to the adrenalin and didnt need a second lot.

She is asking to go home and isnt looking like she is going to go to sleep anytime soon. At least I'm not sleep derived for the first time ever on a hospital admission. It was nice of tova to get sick at a reasonable time of day for a change.

Im very sick of it. When I rang the ambulance I had to fight back tears. I wasn't going to cry for being scared, more because it is enough now (and a little scary). I thought the 000 person would think things were worse than they were if I was crying like a frightened parent, so I held the crying in. If crying would make the. Romp stop, I would cry!

Nssim is completely wee wee toilet trained and almost poopoo trained. Tonight I got a phone call from the boys telling me that Nissan was in bed in his night time nappy, he got up and told abba that he needed to do kaka in the toilet, so abba put Nissan on the toilet and success! Such a clever boy! I never thought I would see the day.

Home tomorrow if we remain this boring overnight.

The room mates are good. Very respectfully parents for once. It doesn't bother me whe the kids are I crying etc, but I do get shitty when the parents can't shut up or when they leave lights on, oh and tas up really loud. Tonight all parents are quiet. Perhaps they are frequent flyers like us or have been here for ages.