Croup but not....

A couple of days ago I woke up with a sore throat. I went and got some Betadine gargle and tried not to breath on Tova. Usually when I get any kind of sick, it means Tova catches it and ends up with croup and hospital by ambulance. 

I took Tova to the Bowen Therapists (John whom we LOVE!! ). I mentioned that I wasn't 100% and he had to try anything to prevent Tova from getting sick. He did his magic. We then trotted off down the road to our Traditional Chinese Medicine Man (Udi Tal we love him too). He did his magic!

That was on Thursday. Today is Saturday. 

This morning Tova woke up with that croup cough. Her breathing was ok and she seemed to not have a fever. However, Yuval and I don't risk it now. We gave her Pred and Panadol, she had breakfast and a drink. It all seems to be working. The croup cough now sounds like a normal cough, which is music to my ears. Every time I hear her cough I feel happy. Happy that she sounds like a normal sick child, not a rushed off in an ambulance sick child. 

Nissim has a runny nose, but seems fine. 

Both kids have spent much of today on the couch with tv and ipads. I have been to the gym and lululemon - I want EVERYTHING in that shop!

So, we are hoping that tonight is as boring as bat poo... Croup has a way of sneaking up on Tova when we least expect it and so suddenly.. But perhaps not this time!!!

It has been pretty much 2 months since Tova's last hospital stay because of croup. I hope to eventually write it has been 2 years.. 

Eating is the same.. Of course she isn't eating as much today as she isn't feeling so great, but she is eating. 

Oh and the other night, it could have even been last night (they all blend together), Tova's grommet in her left ear fell out. It was in her ear, I found it when I was about to put the ear plugs in for her bath. It was a strange thing to see. But Fantstic, I just want the other one to come out now, then Tova can have swimming lessons. We will also visit some natural and 'alternative' therapies about fluid in her ears. NEVER grommet again! NEVER!


Keeping Warm

We have put a heater in Tova's bed-room over night. Hopefully the warmth along with naturopathic drugs and some crossing of fingers will help keep the croup away. So far so good.

Eating is the same. We really need to find someone to help us move forward with Tova's eating. I haven't had much luck finding a speechy who knows much about eating and people like Tova.

Yuval and I put Tova on the scales this evening after dinner and before the bath. Strangly she was 11.2kg, but when we visited the hospital earlier in the month she was 11.9kg on their scales. I think I like theirs! haha. Different scales, different weight. Not to worry, she sure feels heavy.

Both Nissim and Tova are completely happy in their respective child care centers.

Nissim has been going to Swimming lessons for the past few months once a week and loving it. Hopefully next semester (in a few weeks) Tova can start too. I just don't know about those stupid Grommets. I think they have already grown out, but am not completely sure.

Tova has been really interested in using the toilet/potty, so toilet training Tova here we come! That should be a heap of fun.

I have been messing around with this website, so a bunch of pages are not quite in order. It should be all fixed up soon enough.

That's it really. It has been nice with no hospital stay for almost TWO months. LOVELY! I get a sick feeling when I think about having to go back there. It is so horrible for Tova. It is scary and uncomfortable stuff going to that place with a sick child. 

Croup but different

So, on Monday Tova woke with croup.

Nissim was also a bit sick with a cold type thing. But not really bothered.

Tova was also not fussed, she was however as white as white could be and looked very much like a little vampire baby!

I gave her Pred and waited. I know that is what they would have done if I rushed her to hospital, because she didn't seem so bad that she would need adrenaline right away. So, we waited.

After two hours, she wasn't worse.

She spent the day watching Dvd's and eating.

No loss of appetite.

We nervously went to bed on Monday night, Nissim woke us about 300 times and Tova joined in a for a about 100 of those. Yuval and I were a touch tired on Tuesday.

I gave her Pred again on Tuesday morning.

I was in shock that we hand't called an Ambulance yet.. How strange.

We canceled all her therapy appointments, went for a walk around Caulfield park, ate sushi and Raffeteys in Chadstone and basically did nothing all day.

All Tuesday Tova was as white as a ghost, but ate us out of house and home.

Nissim was a little poohead and woke us another what seemed like billion times on Tuesday night. Tova woke a few times again. I think she slept in our bed for a while. But again, no hospital.

Wednesday, the croup cough was gone and replaced with a 'normal' cough, but it woudn't stop. I got scared and confused. So on Wednesday afternoon after a rosy faced Tova refused to eat her lunch, I took her to the ER. After waiting for an hour and  a half to see a doctor (I have never waited that long before, and I dind't mind at all, it is nice to be bored in there, better than the alternative). The doctor listened to Tova's lungs for a good 10 or so minutes. He said she had good air entry and that we could go home. Tova didn't have a massive temp and she was happy enough. And she had been drinking lots (not eating though).

Actually it was pretty strange to hear these words fall from my mouth with such confidence after the doctor asked me if Tova had  lost her appetite ..  "Oh, I don't care if she eats or not, she is sick, sick people don't eat".. What? haha, it was funny to hear myself say i don't care if she eats or not.. And truly mean it. What a milestone.

Another mile stone was being told we could go home after 3 hours of hosptial.

Tova had a good sleep last night, so did Nissim. I had a talk with Nissim about sleeping in his own bed all night and not calling out to adults.  It seemed to work. We all had a full night of sleep.

Tova woke pink and happy. Nissim seems to be completely well.

Tova went to playgroup and Nissim to swimming lessons then off with my mum for the day (and he sleeps there tonight).

Play group told me Tova had a good day. I took her to John her Bowen therapist. She was very happy to see him, and as always he lit up when Tova crawled through the door! They really love each other.

I think some of the potions that John has given me to give to Tova for her immune system and respiratory issues, must be working!

So, croup, sick and no hospital = happy me!

This could be it, the end of hospital days! Imagine that! Wonderful.

Tova is still a little off her food today but breathing well and not coughing at all.


So far, so good

Well, Tova has been fine during the days and coughing a little in the colder hours of the morning eg: from 5am onwards.

Once she is up, she stops coughing pretty much.

We have had a heater and humidifier in her room during the night, perhaps that is helping somewhat.

So, no hospital for now.. maybe this really is the beginning of a new non hospital going Tova!

Nissim has been asking how to sign lots of words as Tova mostly communicates with Auslan (she can hear, but for one reason or another does not talk, well she does say aba, ipad and umbrella). He has been asking how to sign 'Nissim', rather than teach him how to finger spell (which Tova knows how to do) Yuval and I looked up the sign for the meaning of his name in English = Miracles. That is now going to be his sign name. We will show him tonight when he gets home from creche.

Not sure what is going on

Early this morning at about 2.30am I was woken by a croup coughing Tova. However, she was sleeping and didn't seemed stressed.

I let her sleep.

She woke Yuval and I a few more times during the early hours of the morning, but she remained calm and sleeping. Yuval went to work at about 4.30am and was on standby for a call from me telling him to rush home because I was taking Tova to hosptial.

Strangly, I didn't have to make that call.

I let Tova and Nissim sleep until they woke up. Tova first at 8ish and Nissim a while after that.

Tova ate her massive breakfast as she always does and was happy and bright as though nothing was wrong.

Nissim refused to eat toast in the car and insisted on eating a proper breakfast at the table. So we were late to creche. Fair enough.

I was umming and aahhing about taking Tova to creche, but decided that since she was acting completely normal and happy even, it would be mean to keep her home with me. So I took her to creche. I gave them the run down and told them that if they were unsure about anything at all to call me and I would come get her.

I sat by my phone all day waiting and expecting to get a call. I really thought Today would be spent in hospital. But they didn't call.

Tova had a great day at crech as did Nissim at his.

So now we just have to make it through tonight. I wonder what will happen. I have set up the humidfyer and a heater in Tova's room to help avoid croup.

I guess I will go to bed early in case we end up in the stupid hospital all night. Gawd, I shudder just thinking about it. not again... please....

Poor Tova.