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Austraian Ballet - Swan Lake - Front Row Seats

Some time at the beginning of this year I found Tova mesmerised in front of the TV watching the ballet. So I went and got us some tickets to Swan Lake.. front row even.. Amazing seats.

I have been looking forward to this all year. Looking forward to seeing Tova's face light up seeing ballet live.

Last night, well this morning really, I woke to a vomiting Tova at about 1am. Brilliant.

So.. who else has front row tickets to the 1.30 Swan Lake performance yet are sitting at home feeling sorry for themselves with a sick kid? No one? Just me?

No one had better be stretching out in my seat.. Get off!

There is no way to contact the ballet people today. I hope they give us tickets to another show.

I'm sad.

Tova is sick. She hasn't vomited again today and she has eaten little bits. She has been asleep for the past 2 hours, so perhaps she will wake up all better.

Not fair.

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