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Breathing Funny

Tova woke with labored breathing yesterday morning. She slept through it from about 4am (after climbing into our bed) until about 7am. I gave her pred and panadol once she woke up. After a few hours things had settled down. So, I kept her home from school to watch her for the day. 
She went white as a ghost from the pred, but other than that she recovered quite well. I am so glad we didn't rush to hospital. 

I'm at the point where I do what they would do at the hospital, but at home. If she didn't recover at all or got worse in the first 2 hours I would have taken her for sure. It feels absolutely brilliant to have stayed home.

This morning she woke again with the stupid breathing, but it went away by early morning by itself.. no pred. 

She went to horse riding, which is spectacular. It is such a nice drive and lovely location. It reminds me a little of Tasmania, which is one of the most beautiful places on earth (just a little cold). 

We got her report card from school today.. They don't have the A B C D E F scale so I'm not sure how to comment on it.. Lots of excellent feedback and high achievements. I am proud of her. School has been great for her. It has helped her learn so much. I love her school. She loves her school.

Nissim starts school next year. Two school aged kids.