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Tova is booked in and confirmed for the intensive conductive ed program in Adelaide. This is a very similar program to the one we visited in Canada.

We will leave the boys at home for the 3ish weeks we are away and I will drive there! It will be wonderful to have my car with me, my car FULL of our stuff! I plan on taking things I don't even need, just because I can!

If we need the boys or grandparents, they are a $40 - $60 plane ride away. I'm not sure how long the flight is but not long!

Anyone else wanting to do such an incredible therapy program you can find it here:

This program doesn't offer the Hyperbaric Therapy. But that is ok. It does offer loads more hours of therapy a day and if we want we can do the hbot here in Melbourne another time.

Now.. I have started buying tickets in the lottery. Everyone wish me to win! Wouldn't it make life easier to have money for all the therapies we want to do.. I can only imagine life like that.


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