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Doing Poo

Ok, so yes, I gave up toilet training after about 8 days of my house being a big wee wee nappy!!

However there is some success! Tova now does poo in the toilet as long as we get to her when we see the warning signs. So far all but one have been done on the loo!! Congratulations Tova!

She loves sitting on the toilet.

Our next challenge will be wee! Yuval and I went back to the continence nurse to talk about strategies. We have our plan and have put into to place at home and child care.

The nurse, whom is very impressed with Tova and has much faith in her, said that she thinks Tova will be fully toilet trained within this year!

Incredible! I am so proud of Tova.

Eating is pretty much the same, but we are going to shake it up this year.. I hope we get to Lively Eaters soon!

No hospital for quite a while.. I think it has been about 2 months! We are loving it.

There was an ambulance parked out the front of our house the other day, it gave me a fright because I immediately thought of Tova. But it must have been for a neighbour.

Nissim is great.. cute! He lost his voice the other day, he isn't sick at all, just not much voice. When I asked him where he thinks he may have lost it he told me that it was somewhere in his head right now.

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