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Today is the last day of the school term.

Tova has been going to school now for a few weeks full time and taking the bus all by herself to get there!
Thank goodness that Tova likes the bus, actually Tova LOVES the bus. On the weekend just past, she took me outside to go and wait for the bus. She also spends much of her time signing (in Auslan) "School Bus".
It would have been quite different if Tova didn't like either the bus nor school. I feel lucky.

School holiday programs have been way too hard to find. We have ended up having to get a nanny so that Yuval and I can still work and Tova doesn't just get plonked in front of a TV for 2 weeks.

Nissim is really becoming a great big little brother (he is bigger than her but younger). He loves making Tova laugh and tries very hard to play with her even though she isn't as interested in his games as he is. But they are great together and can spend quite a bit of time together laughing and entertaining each other now. It is great.

The Growth Hormone seems to not be bothering Tova. She is very good about having the injection each night. She cries sometimes and laughs others. I stuck the needle into my leg one time and didn't even feel it.. I'm not sure why it makes her cry. But it does.. often. Yuval and I love Friday nights as it is our night off the injection.

Tova had her eyes tested recently. No eye problems.. yay.

That is about it for now. There have been no hospital visits since the last one posted on here. We can only hope for no more ever!


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