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Everything Sux

So, I rang CPEC again the other week. After I emailed them from Canada a few weeks ago, oh and after I went in there in person a few months ago (to be asked to leave my details and someone will contact me because they were too busy to talk to me without an appointment), oh and after I called them a few months before that and left a message with someone and so on for the past 4 years. I actually got to talk to someone this time.. She was all short and didn't have much time for me, she sounded busy. I asked if there was a better time, she put me on hold and all of a sudden I was talking to someone else with just as much patience and time. They suck! The lady told me that the person I need to talk to Kim, would call me back on Tues, Thurs or Friday, as those are the days she works. She assured me that she would call me back. This was after she implied that I was lying about trying to contact them for 4 years... OMG< WHY WOULD I?

So of course, I haven't heard back from them.. They can shove it. How revolting are they. I have actually heard some not so great things about their attitude. Apparently they are 'cold'. So whatever. I guess we have to find something else. Such a shame as they are in the building next door to Tova's school.

The next suckers are Monash ENT. So, I rang them to tell them we would be 15-20 minutes late. Tova had an appointment at 3.15. They said no worries. We got there at about 3.40. By 5pm, Tova was starving. But I can't just hand Tova something to eat, like all the other parents were doing (and going in before us), Tova doens't chew, and doesn't self feed. So by 5.30 when the hopeless registered or what ever the fuck he is called said he would see us, Tova was hysterical. I felt such huge guilt that I had made her rush straight off the bus, into my car, into the old smelly pram with flat wheels, run to Monash, sit there hungry and tired (She had just had swimming at school too, so extra hungry), then the moron wanted to scrape wax from her ears. She lost it. I couldn't focus and told him that I had to leave and couldn't think straight and to make us another appointment. he was so annoyed. That annoyed me more. How dare he.

WHen I was rushing out a nurse said that the office staff had all gone by now.. that annoyed me too.. omg, not only were we LAST, we were still there after staff had gone. The nurse said she would make us another appointment and ensure that we went to the top of the list.. OMG YOU THINK? For fux sake. But yes, thank you nursey. Not sure why you didn't say something to me a few hours earlier, but thanks in advance for next appointment.

Poor Tova. Then we rushed home, I fed her, gave her a drink and had to wash her hair in the bath. She hates her hair being washed and brushed. So then I had to brush it.. Then I had to give her the injection.. OMG. She has had the shittest afternoon and evening.

EVERYTHING SUX, but not quite everything. I just wish everything would be 'normal' for her. Enough with the things she hates. Wow she was sad in the ent, I have actually never heard her cry so loud. It was good to see she can be so loud but really upset me.

I haven't seen Nissim since Wednesday morning, I miss him. He went to creche on Wed, mum picked him up. He stayed with her last night and again tonight. I will see him tomorrow night.

Oh and I went to the dentist today for a crown, lovely dentist but it makes me tired being scared.. NOT COPING

That's all.. I am going to bed to watch trash now.. and recover. Tova went to sleep the second her head hit the pillow. Little angel.

Oh one not sucky thing is Tova's special and crazy expensive (but fully funded by Uniting Care - Thank you) shoes arrived today. They look and smell amazing. So new and clean.. I am excited for her to wear them tomorrow.

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