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Travel Stress

I am going through waves of stress and calm. I am not sure why it is stressful packing for overseas, it isn't as if we can't get pretty much everything in Canada. 

The only thing that is properly stressful is organising the Growth Hormone for travel. We have to ensure we have a letter from the doctor stating that Tova uses growth hormone and how much etc. I have to ensure that it is kept cold. So ice packs and cold bag are ready to go. Once on the plane I have to find an understanding flight attendant that doesn't mind putting the icepack in the freezer and the hormone in the fridge.. Then I have to remember to take it with me when I leave the plane. I have to take it on as carry on in case my luggage goes missing. So I will have more than I want to carry in my carry on. Which isn't so much fun as I have a 13kg beautiful child that I will have to carry too. Fabulous.

Ok, enough complaining.

Other than dreading the flight with a 5 year old, it is all pretty exciting. We are excited to see what changes happen in Tova after this adventure.

Tova is loving being back at school. The new school bus has arrived, it is fantastic. White, new, quiet and so clean. It looks like a mini coach.

Nissim and I have been slowly painting the cubby house out the back. It is a big one and we both get bored pretty quickly. It is however, almost done. Once done, and when I get back I will post a picture of it.


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