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Tova Growing

The past few weeks have been kind of interesting.

When Tova and I got back from Canada,  Yuval was home for about 5 days and then he gallivanted off to Morocco with his dad for something like 20 days.

Being a single mum to both kids for so long was fine.. the kids bit isn't so hard, but the dealing with the world without the support of a husband was hard. Thank goodness for skype, messenger and email not to mention thank goodness for grandparents.

Yuval is back now. He had that trip planned for quite some time. His dad was born in Morocco, so now yuvie has seen where his dad grew up and had some unique experiences.

I am so happy he is back. I even caught the shuttle bus to the airport to meet him at his gate and cried a little when I saw him.. We went in another shuttle bus to get his car which he had left in an airport parking place. I drove him home.

Life is pretty much back to normal now. Tova back at school for the past few weeks. Nissim being gorgeous and helpful. He is amazing. He and Tova get along really well and he loves making her laugh.
It is actually easier when they are both around together, rather than just Tova as he will play with and entertain her.

Tova had an appointment with the endo recently. She has grown something like 3.5cm since Feb, which is when the Growth Hormones started. That is very good for her. She is also more than 13kg now. She is still under the 3rd percentile for her age.. but that really doesn't mean much to me other than the fact that she is small, which I can see with my eyes.

On Wednesday Tova's teacher rang me at about 3pm telling me that Tova had vomited at school.. not nice. She took the bus home as it was quicker for her to get on the bus at 3.15 than for me to drive up there and get her. She made it to the top of our street before she vomited on the bus. The poor bus people. Poor Tova.

She was still happy enough. She didn't like vomiting, but in between the 5 or so vomits she did over the next few hours she was happy enough. Lots of washing for me.

Tova fell asleep in our bed for the night and didn't vomit again all night nor all Thursday. She stayed at home on Thursday and Today, I don't want her to give it to anyone else. None of us have it, so that is lucky. Today is actually the last day of school before 2 weeks of school holidays. Oh well..

This was our first Tova vomiting experience since the days of tube feeding almost 3 years ago. It is good to see that she can vomit, since we tortured her with a fundoplication back in the days of being completely fucking stupid listening to 'specialists'. I deeply regret quite a few decisions we were lead to believe were the best for Tova. If I knew then what I know now I would have never listened to the incorrect information given to us by the people we were supposed to trust. I am so angry! They made us do terrible things to Tova, such as the fundoplication and PEG.. but anyways.. I digress.

So, holidays begin. Tova will attend a holiday program for 6 days of the holidays. The Friendship circle girls are taking her to a farm for another day and there is a nanny coming for 3 of the other days. So we are pretty much sorted.

Oh and interestingly.... I have been trying to find a conductive ed program here in Australia for Tova to attend hopefully a couple of times a year for 6 weeks at a time..ish.. I found one in South Aus, I sent them the report from Ability Camp and got an email back the other day telling me that as it happens, coincidentally, the lady that runs the program in SA went to uni and even shared an apartment (in Hungry) with one of the conductors from Ability Camp. I don't know if they have ever stayed in touch with each other, but I will find out. How amazing. It must be a sign of good things to come.

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