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We are Home

One thing that really blows my mind is that we didn't end up in hospital while we were away. Statistically that seems impossible. I went to bed worrying every single night for 5 weeks. For what ever reason Tova stayed strong, i am so grateful.

I have since returning home the other day, discovered that amazingly, Tova's school uses Conductive Education Principles in its every day practice. So, now that Tova has the foundations set, the school are going to bring the best out in her. It is brilliant!

I rang the CPEC place today, the one that Tova has been on the waiting list for, for about 4 years. The place that has never returned one of my phone calls over the years, nor emails, the same place that when I have gone in there in person begging for help no one has been available. I actually got to talk to someone today. They seemed very busy and didn't have time for me. The lady I was talking to put me on hold with out explaining to me what she was doing and all of a sudden  I was talking to someone else. It was all very confusing. They are quite unhelpful and rude actually. I am sure they can't be so busy that they are annoyed so much that a parent would be calling about helping their child. Very strange organisation. Anyway. They have told me that they can't help Tova with the conductive education program they have after school because Tova hasn't been through their early intervention program (the program she has been on the waiting list for four years and is now too old to attend). So what ever! I wonder if they are that rude to everyone. Maybe they have a tough love approach that really works.. who knows. It is a shame as Tova goes to school in the building next door to them.

Perhaps I don't even want her in a program with such negative people. I don't know. I actually dont' mind if they are rude if they get Tova to walk and eat properly!

I feel jet lagged today.
Tova is at school. The bus came to get her. I bet she is having a great day.

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