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Tova has been breathing funny for the past few days.
I think she has a scratchy throat. Mine has been a little scratchy, not hurting but not normal and not getting worse and no other symptoms.

The flight home from Canberra was a quick 40mins.. so crazy close yet such another world.

My brother has a big amazing and fun house.

Nissim is still there with my mum and grandpa Russel. They drove up. They will drive back tomorrow.

Nissim is having an amazing time with his cousins. He didn't pay any attention to Yuval and I when we were there.

Tova fell in Love with Aunty Veronica and even gave her a sign name (Auslan V). This is because Aunty Veronica is a musician and can play the piano and sing at a very high standard. Tova and Veronica have the same taste in music. They had a great time. Until Tova had a tantrum because Veronica had to go to work. I have almost never seen Tova so upset before.

Last night she was very teary in her sleep and refused to sleep in her own bed so she slept with me and Yuval in her bed.

This morning Tova started Horse Riding Therapy. She does have to miss some school on a Tuesday morning now, but apparently this will be worth it.

I was expecting Tova to not give it a go what so ever. How wrong was I!!!

Tova: "Um, I don't want to wait, can I go first? Perhasp that horse can come over here NOW! Here horsey, here boy, come here, come, come, come.. horsey"..

Me:" Straaange".

She was only supposed to have a little touch and couple of steps on the horse (his name is Tod, Tod the horse, hehe). But 30 mins later she was still on.. AMAZING.

So.. we will keep doing that.


 Tova at Horse Riding Therapy

Aunty Vironica and Tova on piano


Breathing Funny
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