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Hospital, Stem Cells, Conductive Ed and Horses

Thursday Night Tova was breathing very fast and very shallow. Her heart rate was through the roof, I don't know what it was at it's highest and I know I have seen it faster, but it wasn't good.
The ambos whisked her away quickly with the 02 mask on. 
It was different to the usual breathing issues Tova has. She was all floppy and very distressed. Usually she is still quite happy and active with her croup episodes.
It is always scary and this was no exception.
We got to hospital and were put in one of the top bays (near the nurses station) but not directly opposite the nurses station. It is always better to be further away from the nurses.. the further away the 'healthier' the patient! We were still placed in one of the closest..
Unusually it was only 8pm - ish.
They, poked, prodded, x-rayed, weewee-sample-tested, looked in ears, mouth, all over her body.. Her 02 levels were around 92 at their worst.. after nurofen she started to relax, her fever went down and her breathing settled.
That was it! Nurofen! No pred, no adrenaline, just Nurofen!

We were home by midnight. They were going to keep us but respect my opinion as a frequent flyer and let us go home.
Since then she has been mostly fine.

She couldn't attend her school holiday program on Friday and just stayed home with me. We both went to the chiropractor and then did pretty much nothing for the rest of Friday.
I am very pleased that school holidays end today! Back to school tomorrow! We did find a great school holiday program last term holidays, so Tova attended that program again these hols too. The first day she was there was a bit unusual, they didn't feed her much really at all (maybe a couple of mouthfuls of puree fruit all day and that is it), they also managed to sunburn her and a foot ball hit her in the stomach.. So, after I had a talk with them about such odd occurrences, it didn't happen again.

She actually didn't attend too many days this time because she kept getting sick on the days she was enrolled there.. *sigh*. 
But other than the strange first day they are a fantastic school holiday program with lovely workers that really love Tova. When I pick her up I usually spend 10-15 mins listening to the workers and other kids telling me all about Tova's day. It is really lovely. 
The school holiday program is through the YMCA. They don't discriminate and are happy to help Tova with her extra needs (not sure what happened on the first day).

Tova has been given a place in a horse riding therapy program. Apparently this is very good for muscle tone! We shall see. Hopefully it will help her walk... The only issue with it is that it is only during the school term and during school hours. So she is going to have to miss school one morning a week. For however long..

Tova has actually been holding her balance when standing since about 2-3 weeks ago. It is amazing to see. Walking soon!!!! She would love to!

We also found and have been given a place in a therapy program in Adelaide. It is almost the same as the one we went to in Canada and actually the lady that runs it went to uni and shared an apartment with the lady that runs the program in Canada. 
So we are now just trying to get the funds sorted out for the 3 week intensive program in SA. Including accommodation it will cost about $10k.. It is fantastic that it is much, much closer than Canada and I am even thinking about driving there! So I will have my car with me.

It is also going to be fun to meet my neices that I haven't met yet. They live in South Aus. And also exciting to see the rest of that part of the family!

There is another therapy that we have heard about, stem cell therapy, but not the usual bone or umbilical type. This one is where they take Tova's blood do something stemcelly to and then put it back into Tova.. so not invasive! But yep, $150THOUSAND dollars.. innnnssaaannneee.. So, that one is off the table!

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