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Life Changing Eating Progress

Tova ate her entire dinner herself tonight...

A couple of days ago Yuval said we should really just give it a go. Let Tova eat at least a portion of a meal herself. So we started doing that.

She is very good at it.

I think that school has most probably been teaching/practicing with her heaps so she has improved so much since the last time we tried. Last time Tova was dropping the spoon covered in food on the floor for her own amusement. Now she holds on and just eats..

This is going to change so much about meal time.

Firstly, it is amazing to see Tova have such independence, and everything that will come from that.

Secondly, I will be able to eat a meal myself, without 'one spoon for you', 'one spoon for me'... How strange.

We aren't quite there yet. She doesn't think it is too great and often asks one of us to feed her.. but I can see that we are VERY, very close..

The next big step will be to move on from mashed/puree.

I can't even imagine life where I just hand her a sandwich..

In other news.. Checking back on the blog, the last time we were in hospital for croup was MARCH.. that is ages ago. 4 Months and counting.

I don't know if I remembered to mention, but while Yuval was away last month (he went away with his Dad for about 20 days), I got Tova a big girl bed, it is so cute. She is a good girl and sleeps in it all night. She is a tiny little dot in the big double bed, but she loves that she can fit heaps of her babies/dollies/toys in there with her. The last couple of nights she has got up a zillion times before going to sleep. I'm not sure why, as she has been in the bed for about 2 months no worries. It is really hard not to laugh. Nissim get's cross with her when she crawls past his room. "go back to bed, naughty Tova".

School holidays were great, Tova attended a fantastic program wtih Caulfield Rec Center (YMCA), they were brilliant. School is back and Tova loves it.

Nissim is being fantastic. He is such a good boy. Tova and Nissim play really well together now. He loves making her laugh. She loves watching him.

We have amazing kids.

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