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So creche is finished and now Tova is at school full time. wow.

Tova has swimming at school every Thursday. I went to watch. She did much better in the pool without me in there with her. MUCH better. She swam with her teacher Andrea. Tova loves Andrea the most apparently.

After swimming was home time. Tova went on the bus for the first time.

Andrea took her to the bus and read her a book she made (Andrea made) about taking the school bus to and from school. Andrea sat with Tova until the bus went. I raced home so that I could meet Tova when she got dropped off. Tova is the first off after school and last on in the mornings.

Apparently Tova was happy and smiling on the bus trip - all 15 mins of it.  That's lucky.

This morning the bus arrived out side our house at about 8.20. I put Tova on. She wasn't terribly impressed about it and I did have to sing a nursery rhyme to get her to sit down.

I then followed the bus to school. She was apparently happy on the bus.

By the time I got there someone had already taken Tova down to her class room. So I walked down there. She was in a different room having cuddles with one of the other teachers. She looked at me and could see her own class room and indicated that she would rather be in her class room than with me. So, off she went to her little desk and asked for Maths.. she most certainly doens't get that from me.

Today, she will get the bus home and I won't even be following it.

The next school day is Tuesday as Monday is a public holiday. But it seems that things are finally about to settle down into some sort of routine. Just in time for school holidays to shake it all up again.. :-)

following-bus My Tova is in that bus!! The bus company are getting brand new buses over the next couple of weeks too! This one is so loud and clunky, I thought it was going to wake up my entire street this morning.

Tova in my car. Tova in School Uniform. Tova in my car. Tova in School Uniform.

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