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Toilet Training Attempt One Day Two

Ok, on Monday I drove a very long distance to Ringwood to talk with a continence nurse about Toilet Training Tova! I was nervous and anxious about the meeting as quite often in the past at appointments I have been asked all sorts of questions that for one reason or another really bug me.. I was also running late and Tova was annoyed about the long drive.. So by the time I got there I was rather stressed.

HOWEVER, the lady that greeted me and then sat down with me for probably 2 hours was unbelievably lovely. I am completely overwhelmed by her compassion, friendliness, knowledge and general loveliness. She was great. She made me so relaxed. Even Tova became relaxed after a while and explored the offices.

She gave us tips on how to Toilet train Tova. It has been a bit of a wee wee journey so far.. just like Nissim was..

One wee in the toilet and the rest on towles on the sofa and in my bed. :-) oh the joys!

So.. Let us see how much I can handle and if I can deal with it, how long it takes to get Tova in undies. She does love wearing undies. She also LOVES sitting on the toilet.

It is very cute to feel her little bum with no nappy when I pick her up to carry her.. hehe.. She is pretty proud of her self so far, even though there really isn't much to be proud of from my point of view, at least from the point of washing view!

Day 3 here we come!

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