Croup, Endo, Fairy Princess

Tova got croup the other day. We could have taken her to hospital, they would have kept us for the day/night, they would have given her pred and adrenalin.

Our bottle of Pred had expired (wooohooo, feels good) and it was a Sunday. It isn't easy to find a doctor open on a Sunday late arvo, so we rang the home visiting doctor. He was fantastic. Tova was fantastic, she is so much happier to have someone look in her ears etc at home than in their office. I'm going to remember that!

So, he wrote us a prescription for Pred.

We waiting 2 hours, no improvement.

I 'knew' we were going to hospital at this stage, but she wasn't getting 'worse' so we waited 3 hours. No change. I had packed all the hospital bags by this stage.

Then all of a sudden at about 3.5-4 hours after the pred.... silence, the breathing was almost 'normal'. That was good enough for us. We stayed home and made it through the night with no drama.

Tova stayed home with me on Monday, I didn't get much work done, but we did go to the movies and it was fantastic. I loved it. We watched Despicable Me 2, Tova loves those movies. It was fun, she was happy, breathing was fair..

Tuesday she had a hearing test, quite normal, fluid on one ear, slight loss in left ear and she should be wearing her bone conducing hearing aide. So she will!

Tuesday back to school after the test.

Wednesday all good. Yuval has a sore throat, he probably has a lower immune system left over from having chicken pox the other day. 

Yesterday when I got Tova off the school bus I was greeted with the most beautiful site. Check out the photos! She is STUNNING!

Tova had an appointment with the Endo last week too. She has grown more in the last 6 months than she did all last year. She is about 13.8kg now too! Growth Hormone doing it's job.

 tova fairy 

Broken heater

It started a few weeks ago. I could smell gas every time I walked into the house past the heating system thingy.

Eventually after the neighbor also rang me to tell me that she could smell gas from our house, Yuval rang the gas company. They immediately turned off the gas to the house due to a major gas leak. Great.

No hot water nor gas for cooking for that night. I took the kids to mums, bathed the kids and made their dinner there. That as fun. Not. Just having to do it all alone (Uv at home with plumber, mum and rus at work), was difficult, and schlepping all the stuff along with us was hard.
And because I was at mums house I had to eat 3kg of chocolate just because it is there... I have no control.

Over the next few days the hot water was turned back on, and gas for cooking, but no heating. The house is seriously freezing with no heating.

Yuval had a backache during all this and went for a massage, the next day he was hurting heaps, we assumed from the massage. Then his neck started hurting heaps. So he want to the physio, kinda made him feel horrible too. So, he was hurting and feeling freezing in our cold house.

The other night, it was cold, but Yuval was shivering like crazy. I knew there was something wrong with him. But it was hard to know as the house really is cold. He was in the hot bed (electric blanket) so started to get too hot.

Tova got sent home from school for half a day during all this too, apparently she wasn't quite herself. But at home she was perfect. So I sent her back to school the next day.

I have my new electric throw rug, so I am warm sitting at my desk working each day.

Nissim is just tough.

So.. on Friday the 9th of August, Yuval rang me from work to tell me he had left work early to go to the dr as he has some strange spots on his body. Perhaps it was from climbing through the roof and getting pricked by the insulation.. or not..

A few hours past and I get a phone call "guess what?" he asks me..

Me:" um, you have measles and are dying?"

uv: "chicken pox"

me: "don't come home, go stay with a parent, your kids aren't immunised, go away!"

hahah. poor uv. He came home to grab some clothes. When he left I scrubbed the house down and changed all the sheets and so forth. I rang Tova's school to let them know and to ask them what they think I should do.. and why should I be scared if the kids get it. other than the fact that it is horrible to get.
The school nurse was busy.

I checked the blue immunisation books I have for the kids and discovered that they are actually immunised. The school nurse got back to me and said that Yuval could come home.

He came home and stayed away from us all as much as possible. We went to Shabat/Nissim birthday Dinner at my mums. No one wanted to sit next to uv, I had to serve him as no on wanted to touch anything he had touched. haha. Then he went to his mums to be looked after properly and get some rest. We haven't seen him since. We also thought it would be a good idea for Yuval to stay away so that we (the kids and I) don't infect anyone else we hang out with over the next few days. And I really don't want to get it.. My child hood memories of chicken pox are wishing I was dead.

I asked Nissim if he would like to skype Aba to which he replied 'no, I don't want to see him and his spots'.

Everything is much harder and lonelier without my spectacular husband. It is annoying without him.

Oh, I forgot to mention: The other night Nissim and Tova were playing some stupid game where they were falling back onto Tova's bed. It wasn't that bad, but Nissim started moving Tova to the middle of the bed so she wouldn't fall off the edge. He forgot to wait for her to move her feet as he was moving her hands. Her face struck the metal bed post and her tooth fell out. So the tooth fairy came during the night and left Tova a barbie. Oh the drama.

Two 5 Year Olds in the House!!

There are two 5 year old children in the house. At least for the next 11 or so days! Happy Birthday to my best boy!

Still no hospital visits since, foreverago.

Tova still getting the hang of the walking canes.

Tova still getting the hang of self feeding.

School remains one of Tova's most favorite things and now she can even write her own name!

Life Changing Eating Progress

Tova ate her entire dinner herself tonight...

A couple of days ago Yuval said we should really just give it a go. Let Tova eat at least a portion of a meal herself. So we started doing that.

She is very good at it.

I think that school has most probably been teaching/practicing with her heaps so she has improved so much since the last time we tried. Last time Tova was dropping the spoon covered in food on the floor for her own amusement. Now she holds on and just eats..

This is going to change so much about meal time.

Firstly, it is amazing to see Tova have such independence, and everything that will come from that.

Secondly, I will be able to eat a meal myself, without 'one spoon for you', 'one spoon for me'... How strange.

We aren't quite there yet. She doesn't think it is too great and often asks one of us to feed her.. but I can see that we are VERY, very close..

The next big step will be to move on from mashed/puree.

I can't even imagine life where I just hand her a sandwich..

In other news.. Checking back on the blog, the last time we were in hospital for croup was MARCH.. that is ages ago. 4 Months and counting.

I don't know if I remembered to mention, but while Yuval was away last month (he went away with his Dad for about 20 days), I got Tova a big girl bed, it is so cute. She is a good girl and sleeps in it all night. She is a tiny little dot in the big double bed, but she loves that she can fit heaps of her babies/dollies/toys in there with her. The last couple of nights she has got up a zillion times before going to sleep. I'm not sure why, as she has been in the bed for about 2 months no worries. It is really hard not to laugh. Nissim get's cross with her when she crawls past his room. "go back to bed, naughty Tova".

School holidays were great, Tova attended a fantastic program wtih Caulfield Rec Center (YMCA), they were brilliant. School is back and Tova loves it.

Nissim is being fantastic. He is such a good boy. Tova and Nissim play really well together now. He loves making her laugh. She loves watching him.

We have amazing kids.

Austraian Ballet - Swan Lake - Front Row Seats

Some time at the beginning of this year I found Tova mesmerised in front of the TV watching the ballet. So I went and got us some tickets to Swan Lake.. front row even.. Amazing seats.

I have been looking forward to this all year. Looking forward to seeing Tova's face light up seeing ballet live.

Last night, well this morning really, I woke to a vomiting Tova at about 1am. Brilliant.

So.. who else has front row tickets to the 1.30 Swan Lake performance yet are sitting at home feeling sorry for themselves with a sick kid? No one? Just me?

No one had better be stretching out in my seat.. Get off!

There is no way to contact the ballet people today. I hope they give us tickets to another show.

I'm sad.

Tova is sick. She hasn't vomited again today and she has eaten little bits. She has been asleep for the past 2 hours, so perhaps she will wake up all better.

Not fair.