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Day 12 - Peto

I'm pretty sure Tova had a good day today at Peto (Budapest School). I have lots of work on so I didn't go up for the first break, but I went up for lunch and at the end of her day. Both times she was busy doing walking things with hoops and rings. When she sees me it's pretty much all over concentration wise. But I get a glimps. The conductors continue to impress me. They have so much energy even when they are tired.

After school today we went out for dinner. It was probably about 4.30pm when we got to the restaurant (just down the street, half way between peto and our flat).
They were happy enough to seat and serve us.
There was a menu in English, so we read that. There was a couple of types of Chalent even, since we can have that anytime at home from the Jewish Grandamas, we decided to have salmon and chicken.
Both dishes were yum. Tova ate so much as usual. I even had a glass of wine with my dinner, it was a very small glass, but went straight to my head. I'm not very alcohol tolerant.

We walked home at about 5.30pm, it was pitch black dark.. as if it was the middle of the night.

We got home and Tova had a bath. We are both sitting here in my bed now, her on the tablet watching the military tattoo and me writing this.

I didn't have my soup today. AND we didn't even buy cake today either. THANK GOODNESS.

Dinner.. I didn't cook
Dinner.. I didn't cook

walking home in the dark at 5.30pm
walking home in the dark at 5.30pm

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