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Future Footprints + boys

Future Footprints was great. It's pretty much like magic, probably because I'm not quite sure what they do all day but the results are very obvious and very wonderful.

Just before we went to Adelaide Tova had her 4th lot of Stem Cells. So that could be a contributing factor to her greatness. But Conductive Ed does seem to have great results.

The last week was good. I'm not sure what happened to Summer this year. But when the boys arrived for the last few not so hot days we still made sure we had frequent, yet a little chilly beach visits.

It was great having the boys arrive at the end of the trip and driving home with us. It was better that way, less crying on my part.

The drive home was long, long, long. We ended up staying somewhere I'm not quite sure where, for the night. Tova was crazy pants nuts! I pretty much had no sleep, Yuval almost no sleep and Nissim for some reason slept through it all. Tova was acting as though she had been stung by a bee or given some speedy drugs. Climbing walls, investigating every bed and everyone in each bed (mostly me) and really being difficult. So, that was 'fun'.


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