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Good old croup

The kids are back at school. Grade 1 and grade 2.

They started on different days (at different schools) so I took each one for their first day. They were both happy to be back at school and like magnets found their friends straight up.

Tova got sick on Monday night. TERRIBLE breathing. We gave her Pred and ventolin.. She improved enough for us to not call the ambulance. But it was a close call.
It was a hard night. She wouldn’t sleep and wanted to climb on everything and was wide awake.. Yuval and I weren’t.. It was torture. She was kinda crazy breathing and crazy awake from 1.30am till 4am… Eventually she went to sleep.
Of course she didn’t go to school on Tuesday. She watched movies all day on Tuesday. She discovered Cast away (Tom Hanks) and loves it Wilson.

Tuesday night she woke crying at 3 or 4 am.. She was so upset and breathing very strangely, I hadn’t heard that kind of strange breathing before. She was also shaking and I guess she had a fever. So we quickly gave her Panadol to reduce the fever. She was quite distressed but after the drugs kicked in she relaxed and fell asleep on me! So we knew she was sick. It was so scary. We aren’t used to this different sickness. But the Panadol seemed to work, which was comforting.
She woke up at something like 11am on Wednesday and I took her out onto the deck to get some sun and fresh air. The rest of the day was spent watching Castaway.

She stayed home Thursday and Friday too, she could have gone to school on Friday, but what was the point. She is heaps better now. So school on Monday please

Nissim seems to be enjoying himself at school in Grade 1. He has good friends and so far the school seems great. It will possibly be way too religious later, as he gets older. But that can be his decision. He is welcome to stay there till grade 12 or change schools. He just has to be happy!

Tova not feeling well and sleeping on the deck in the sun
It's been ages
Future Footprints + boys