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Sleeping Beauty

Tova still hasn't been to hospital. I really have no idea how long it's been, It could even be coming up to two years for all I know. That's pretty outstanding.
She has been sick a few times, with croup and needed pred, but stayed home.
It's school holidays at the moment. Both kids hanging out at home lots. I love not having to wake up early to get everyone ready, and not having to make lunches.. ahh.. so nice.

Tova has a subscription to the Australian Ballet and Opera Australia, (that reminds me, I need to renew them). I managed to offload a few sessions to my mum and even Yuval took her to one ballet. Today Tova and I went to see 'Sleeping Beauty'. I find the Ballet quite boring. However the one we went to a few weeks ago was ok. I can't remember what it was called, perhaps 20:21 or something.
Anyways. So today we went to Sleeping Beauty. It was very shinny and sparkly. (Costumes and sets by my brother’s ex wife Gabriella, she is outstanding at what she does, obviously), Australia you can thank my bro for bringing such a talented lady to Australia.
I did get bored towards the end. I think the thing that kept me vaguely entertained was the incredible set and glittery ballerina clothing. But the rest of it, I really just don’t get it, they don’t do any fancy acrobatic moves, they just do the same few dance moves (that are incredible once or twice, but maybe not 100 times).
Tova didn’t get bored.
We were sitting next to Artistic Director David McAllister, he was watching it like he'd never seen it before, enthralled, entranced and completely entertained, he totally gets it. Tova totally get's it.. I completely don't get it.

I think I'll get Tova an Orchestra Australia subscription for next year. That I can handle. And that she is completely and utterly obsessed with. Her favourite thing to watch ever, in the world (after Mr Bean) is anything Barenboim

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