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Stupid Breathing

3.30am. Tova woke me up with stupid breathing. I wen't and got her from her room and took her to our bed. She was delighted. Ventolin + Panadol because yet again Yuval and I were in denial that we would need the Pred.
Tova did fall back to sleep between us, in the morning we gave her pred. She has now spent the morning watching and playing on the Ipad. More delight.
She is switching between a 'learn piano ap' an 'abc for kids'.

My opinion on what caused this stupid breathing is this. Yesterday we went to a party, where there was a bbq being lit, so it was smokey as could be. We sat in the direct path of the smoke. I remember thinking that it was possibly a really stupid place to sit.
Part of me was curious to see if she would get stupid breathing. Confirmed. I’m an idiot.
So our day yesterday was quite busy. First we went to see Dr Craig, I took some new pics of her session. It’s a trick, she looks like she is very well behaved, but really she is quite all over the place during her sessions. Dr Craig is great with her and puts up with lots, including dribble everywhere. SORRY! He’s so good about it.

Tova and I went out for Sushi for lunch, the boys were at Tennis and fruit shopping. We got home and left again to the party at our neighbours. Then we chilled at home for a while before going to a Bar Mitzvah.
Tova was fantastic at Shull. She would have stayed hours longer. Shull was long, about 3 hours, and she was perfect. Nissim fell apart for the last hour. He had seen the mountain of food in the other room and it was killing him that he had to wait (he'd eaten before we left even). Tova fell apart once she saw the food too, so we left. It was all a bit tricky. It's always a bit tricky with food. That's a blog for another day.

Dr Craig with Tova - Chiro


Tova at chiro
Sleeping Beauty