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We went to Tassi for a holiday. NO THERAPY, just a holiday.

We all hated MONA - besides the fact that it is boring and weird (not in a good way), it was scary and stupid for kids, we lasted about 15 mins then left.

But wow, ZOODOO is amazing. It's by far the best animal park we have ever been to. Also, Bonorong was outstanding. Tova spent much of her time cleaning the grass and dust off the dirty Kangaroos, and feeding them.

We also loved Hastings Caves and
Richmond maze

It was really lovely to see both kids so interested in everything. I was surprised about Tova being so happy about it all.
Nissim is very into science and animals, so that wasn't so surprising. But Tova, who doesn't like animals at all was impressed with everything (of course cleaning the roos was the funniest). She isn't scared of animals, she just doesn't care for them and usually prefers the cats to not be on her bed etc (unlike me, who has a cat sleeping on my pillow most nights).

Tova also spent quite some time playing the piano at my dad's house.

Tova and Yuval
Tova Piano

oh, and we went out for dinner to a friend's place, a house with the best view of hobart ever! And this photo below shows my kids appreciating the view.

My kids appreciating the view

tova and a clean roo

Lily and Nissim with a roo
Horse Riding
Hello Croup!