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The Devil, I mean croup..

Tova, Croup. omg. Really?

How can this still happen? Doesn't the world know how exhausting, terrifying and horrible this is for a little girl? Can't Croup just go away, like, forever?

Tova is happy enough, she usually is, even when she has ended up in ICU from croup. But it’s so scary to watch. And knowing that sleep isn’t going to happen much tonight is also miserable.

We pretended to ourselves that we could get away with out using Pred. So we went and got a new Ventolin from the chemist, gave Tova that and Panadol, and some Braur cold and flu medicine and then. omfg, I looked at what we (Yuval and I) were doing and remembered how we do this every time, denial.. And gave her Pred. Which thank god we have in the fridge. I just filled a script the other day, for no reason other than I could. So, that’s lucky.

By the grace of everything good, Tova seems to be asleep right now. I guess once the Pred kicks in she will wake and climb the walls for a few hours during the middle of the night. How delightful.

Yuval and I (and Tova, before she felt unwell) went to Nissim’s school for parent teacher interview. They pretty much said he is a pleasure to have and thank you for letting him come to this school, he is a delight. So, that’s that. We already know that. lol. But yes, it was pretty lovely to hear (again). ahh, my perfect children. Little angels

Sleeping Beauty
Tova's very first haircut