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This post is important so I don't forget the time line.
A couple of weeks ago Tova took a couple of very small steps 100% unaided. I tried to get her to do it again so I could video it, but it's too hard keeping an eye on her and holding the phone at the same time.
So the other day I got her to do it again "4 steps and I'll clap Tova".. so she did. I took a very bad sideways video but it shows Tova walking for one of the first times in her life aged seven (7) years.

Any parents of kiddies that are told that your kids will never.... Don't listen! Instead read this book "The brain that changes itself"

Tova went to see 'Anything Goes' yesterday with grandpa and Savta. Tova has a subscription to the Ballet and Opera, for some reason the Opera included 'Anything Goes'.

The sun was out yeterday, it was still really cold, but the boys washed Yuval's car, which was cute to watch.

Boys washing the car

Kids reading
And now, they are both 7
Horse Riding