The Devil, I mean croup..

Tova, Croup. omg. Really?

How can this still happen? Doesn't the world know how exhausting, terrifying and horrible this is for a little girl? Can't Croup just go away, like, forever?

Tova is happy enough, she usually is, even when she has ended up in ICU from croup. But it’s so scary to watch. And knowing that sleep isn’t going to happen much tonight is also miserable.

We pretended to ourselves that we could get away with out using Pred. So we went and got a new Ventolin from the chemist, gave Tova that and Panadol, and some Braur cold and flu medicine and then. omfg, I looked at what we (Yuval and I) were doing and remembered how we do this every time, denial.. And gave her Pred. Which thank god we have in the fridge. I just filled a script the other day, for no reason other than I could. So, that’s lucky.

By the grace of everything good, Tova seems to be asleep right now. I guess once the Pred kicks in she will wake and climb the walls for a few hours during the middle of the night. How delightful.

Yuval and I (and Tova, before she felt unwell) went to Nissim’s school for parent teacher interview. They pretty much said he is a pleasure to have and thank you for letting him come to this school, he is a delight. So, that’s that. We already know that. lol. But yes, it was pretty lovely to hear (again). ahh, my perfect children. Little angels

Tova's very first haircut

Tova had her first haircut today. Less than a week till her 8th birthday. We were both brave.

I was expecting it to be quite traumatic and or difficult. However the hardest part was when a little boy in the waiting room was told by his mum it was "time to go" and he cried saying "BUT I NEED TO COOK!" (there is a toy kitchen there - kids salon). Tova was so sad that he was so sad, she cried.. real tears..

While we were waiting I brushed some of the knots/dreads out of Tova's hair with a brush and product the hairdresser handed me.. it was fantastic. I'm going to buy a brush like that, and product like that!
Then it was Tova's turn. She wasn't reluctant. She was willing to go and sit down on the stool and quite pleased about being handed an Ipad. We youtubed violin players and she watched some great violin playing, even laughing while the hairdresser brushed and cut Tova's hair. It was unbelievable to watch.
I thought it would be more about crying than cutting. Tova would have happily sat there for hours. So now Tova has all neatly cut and much shorter hair. I hope it makes the dreads go away.
She looks beautiful.

We went to Little Hollywood - exclusive kid’s salon.
I decided to go here because I have been quite scared about taking her to the hairdressers, and thought that a salon for kids was the safest option.. And they were outstanding!
It's also the same place Nissim had his Upsherin (first haircut when he turned 3 years old).

And now, they are both 7

Happy 7th Birthday Nissim!

Nissim had a party in our 'shed' this weekend (our shed is more of a Granny Flat, but the council won't let us have people live in it, so we just call it the shed). It was very cute and old school.. Pass the parcel, musical statues, pin the nose on the clown face, lollies, lollie bags, prizes and running around.
And to anyone not invited. I'm sorry, there was no bad intention. I didn't have any say in the invite list, it was the decision of a 6 year old who was in a rush to go do other things like, play...

Tova didn't mind it too much, but at times found it a bit overwhelming. It was hard for her not having a parent to help her join in, because we were too busy running the party. Next year we will make sure that someone is there dedicated to ensuring she is also having fun. She did have fun, but she could have had more fun!
Nissim had a great time. He has such lovely friends.

After his party two of his closest best mates stayed for the day until it was time for Nissim to go to his Krav Maga class. He started a few weeks ago and it's really good. He likes it lots. The venue is very friendly and welcoming, which helps. It's great that he is doing self defence. His mate Ruby goes too, so it's nice they have each other. They have been friends since they were about 2 years old, friends from my gym creche.

Happy 7th Birthday and Krav Maga session


This post is important so I don't forget the time line.
A couple of weeks ago Tova took a couple of very small steps 100% unaided. I tried to get her to do it again so I could video it, but it's too hard keeping an eye on her and holding the phone at the same time.
So the other day I got her to do it again "4 steps and I'll clap Tova".. so she did. I took a very bad sideways video but it shows Tova walking for one of the first times in her life aged seven (7) years.

Any parents of kiddies that are told that your kids will never.... Don't listen! Instead read this book "The brain that changes itself"

Tova went to see 'Anything Goes' yesterday with grandpa and Savta. Tova has a subscription to the Ballet and Opera, for some reason the Opera included 'Anything Goes'.

The sun was out yeterday, it was still really cold, but the boys washed Yuval's car, which was cute to watch.

Boys washing the car

Kids reading

Horse Riding

Here is a little video of Tova riding her horse!