Lung Infection

Lung Infection

During the small hours of Saturday morning Tova woke us with crazy breathing. We gave her Pred and Panadol. We waited, and waited and waited some more.
The pred was taking longer than usual to kick in, but at about 32 minutes past giving her the drug, she started to breath a bit better. Thank goodness.

She thinks it’s hilarious to make her breathing sound worse than it is too, by laughing and making noises and breathing faster than she should.

Eventually she went to sleep, so did we

We watched her all Saturday, she was fair.

Saturday night/Sunday early morning she got a crazy hot fever that even Panadol wasn’t able to defeat.
Eventually she calmed down after lots of crying and twisting and turning, tossing and general unhappiness. I took her to the GP on Sunday and he said that she had a Lung Infection

He asked if I wanted to take her to Hospital, which of course I said a big “NO THANKS” to. He was more than happy to let me go home with a chemist worth of prescription drugs to boot.
I didn’t get all the medicine prescribed, but I did get the Antibiotics and an extra bottle of Nurofen (orange flavour as Tova keeps requesting Orange Juice).

Sunday was all about reducing that horrible fever. Poor Tova. She was so hot. She watched lots of Andre Rieu from her couch bed in the lounge room. Andre helped. Tova is quite possibly his biggest fan, even kissing him on the TV screen. CUTE
Sunday night I slept in Tova's bed, when I say 'sleep', I don't actually mean sleep.. More like.. being in the same bed as a febrile Octopus.

Tova had laboured breathing, which made her toss & turn all night. She woke at about 3am very upset and very hot. More neurofen administered.

turned. She woke at about 3am very upset and very hot. More neurofen administered.
I gave her some more antibiotices too (yep at 3am ish). They are to be taken on an empty stomach, which is really hard to do with Tova, as she loves to eat, this fever didn't even stop her from eating.
She demanded that I come back to sleep with her in her bed. I did as I was told. It took us a while, but eventually we slept.
I was groggy at 6.30ish, but had to get up to get Nissim ready for school. My mum came and picked him up at 8am. Once they left I went back to Tova's bed and lay down, for a moment, just to listen to her breathing for a while....
I woke at 10am!
Tova woke after 12pm!

She is still a sickie. She stayed home from school today, obviously as there wasn't much of the day left after she woke at lunch time.
I took her to see Dr. Craig.
Tova spent lots of time reading books in bed today, which was adorable.
Her breathing isn't great, but she is getting better.
It's been scary.



Tova loved the parade!

CROUP - of course

CROUP - of course

Tova and I flew to Adelaide on Thursday.
Our morning flight was at 8.30am with Jetstar, it was delayed and left at 11.10. We were stuck on the tarmac from about 10am. If I'd known we were going to leave so late, I'd have called our insurance and asked about options. I probably would have rescheduled if they'd allowed me to

It was very frustrating and unfair to Tova. We were very late. We got to Future Footprints at about 12.30pm. We were due to be there at 10am.

I pretty much ‘dumped’ Tova with the OT and Speechy and ran off to get her Piedro shoes. Actually the speechy lent me her car, so I drove off to grab Tova’s shoes.
I had a cut out of her foot with me, and the shoe lady said Tova needs the next size up. So it’s being ordered. Hopefully to arrive in Melbourne between 6 to 8 weeks.

I got lunch, had a chat to the Future Footprints staff, grabbed Tova, got a lift back to the airport and went home.

I can’t recommend Virgin airlines enough. They were outstanding, even the captain of the plane came out at the end and unfolded Tova’s pram for me.
The seats are comfortable and bigger than usual, they have complimentary snacks and drinks, the staff are super friendly and everyone was compassionate. Most importantly they were on time!

Tova and I were going to have sushi in the airport for dinner, but we were in a different terminal, no sushi! So we drove home. There strangly was not much traffic. Yuval and dinner for us when we arrived.
Tova was asleep before her head hit the pillow that night.

This morning, Saturday, Tova woke with Croup!
It's been so long since the last time she had croup, I was worried the Pred would be out of date. But we had an unopend bottle that was in date. She happily took it and has been fine since. NO HOSPITAL!

Monthly Adelaides

Monthly Adelaides

Tova and I have been visiting Future Footprints each month this year. We hope to continue to do so for-like-ever.
Last month we flew to Adelaide in the morning, arrived at about 9am and started therapy at 10am. Tova did about 4 hours, CE, Speech and OT, then we flew home.
Our taxi didn't arrive actually, so one of the conductors had to drive us quickly down the road the the airport to make our 3pm flight (Therapy finished at 2pm), we made it with heaps of time to spare as the flight was delayed.
There was some cuffuffel at the airport too, so there were lots of police around my gate. They entertained Tova for a while, even giving her their hat to wear. It was funny.

We are off again tomorrow for the day. I'm also going to pick up some new Piedro shoes for Tova while I'm there as the shop here has taken over 6 weeks to even call me back about them not having the shoes.
I rang the Adelaide shop yesterday and they put some shoes aside for me to collect. Too easy. Pretty crazy that I have to go all the way to Adelaide to get shoes for Tova.
For anyone that doesn't know. Piedro shoes are about $320 a pair.

NAPA are in Melbourne at the moment. I've ummed and ahhed about taking Tova to their therapy for years and years. As soon as I find some more money, we will do NAPA too. I was talking to the mumma that founded NAPA, she's really lovely, I was very impressed.
They are here for a few weeks so I will take Yuval along one Friday to check them out too.

Adealide 2016

Here we are again, stunning, interesting, tropical Adelaide!
I know we are here for Therapy, and I'm spending my days working for the most part, it still feels lovely to be here.
We have been waking up each morning early and going for a walk along the beach for about an hour before Tova heads off to Future Footprints for the day.
I seem to need something from the shops most days (for example, today I needed milk -- Soy of course, none of that animal torturing dairy --). So I usually dash off to the shops after dropping Tova off, then head to the beach for a swim, shower, work.. such a nice life!
It's hot this year too. Every day has been in the low 30's, which is perfect.

Tova has been doing well in her therapy. They have said she is naughty, but her listening skills are improving since last year. Most of the time.

I think it was really good to go to Peto and then here very close together. It's so good for Tova.

Tova's school said something strange to me the other week, at parent teacher, they said that the physio and speechies HATE Conductive Ed.. That really threw me.. Especially as they were asking me to describe what it is just before they mentioned that. So either they were testing me, or they are hating something they know nothing about. I don't hate any therapy, I think if it works for your child it's great. And a mixture is great if that's what your child needs. I'm a bit frightened by their strong attitude. And also considering her school has in their mission that they are a school based on CE principles.. Deary me. Schools here in Adelaide have actual Conductors in the schools and I know that the school around this area has a full day of CE once a week. One of the families from Melbourne just moved here last week to start attending that school. I'm Jealous. There is no way we could move here, not now.. and I couldn't leave Nissim for a year or more if the boys stayed in Melb.. hmmm..

west beach Adelaide Me and Tova on the sand.. selfie time! This is a shocking photo of us, but I love it! We were chatting about how we should lay down on the sand and Tova was covered in Sand, signing to me, getting sand all over us.. and it was just fun, and hot (30's) and about 7pm.