Day 12 - Peto

I'm pretty sure Tova had a good day today at Peto (Budapest School). I have lots of work on so I didn't go up for the first break, but I went up for lunch and at the end of her day. Both times she was busy doing walking things with hoops and rings. When she sees me it's pretty much all over concentration wise. But I get a glimps. The conductors continue to impress me. They have so much energy even when they are tired.

After school today we went out for dinner. It was probably about 4.30pm when we got to the restaurant (just down the street, half way between peto and our flat).
They were happy enough to seat and serve us.
There was a menu in English, so we read that. There was a couple of types of Chalent even, since we can have that anytime at home from the Jewish Grandamas, we decided to have salmon and chicken.
Both dishes were yum. Tova ate so much as usual. I even had a glass of wine with my dinner, it was a very small glass, but went straight to my head. I'm not very alcohol tolerant.

We walked home at about 5.30pm, it was pitch black dark.. as if it was the middle of the night.

We got home and Tova had a bath. We are both sitting here in my bed now, her on the tablet watching the military tattoo and me writing this.

I didn't have my soup today. AND we didn't even buy cake today either. THANK GOODNESS.

Dinner.. I didn't cook
Dinner.. I didn't cook

walking home in the dark at 5.30pm
walking home in the dark at 5.30pm

Stupid Breathing

3.30am. Tova woke me up with stupid breathing. I wen't and got her from her room and took her to our bed. She was delighted. Ventolin + Panadol because yet again Yuval and I were in denial that we would need the Pred.
Tova did fall back to sleep between us, in the morning we gave her pred. She has now spent the morning watching and playing on the Ipad. More delight.
She is switching between a 'learn piano ap' an 'abc for kids'.

My opinion on what caused this stupid breathing is this. Yesterday we went to a party, where there was a bbq being lit, so it was smokey as could be. We sat in the direct path of the smoke. I remember thinking that it was possibly a really stupid place to sit.
Part of me was curious to see if she would get stupid breathing. Confirmed. I’m an idiot.
So our day yesterday was quite busy. First we went to see Dr Craig, I took some new pics of her session. It’s a trick, she looks like she is very well behaved, but really she is quite all over the place during her sessions. Dr Craig is great with her and puts up with lots, including dribble everywhere. SORRY! He’s so good about it.

Tova and I went out for Sushi for lunch, the boys were at Tennis and fruit shopping. We got home and left again to the party at our neighbours. Then we chilled at home for a while before going to a Bar Mitzvah.
Tova was fantastic at Shull. She would have stayed hours longer. Shull was long, about 3 hours, and she was perfect. Nissim fell apart for the last hour. He had seen the mountain of food in the other room and it was killing him that he had to wait (he'd eaten before we left even). Tova fell apart once she saw the food too, so we left. It was all a bit tricky. It's always a bit tricky with food. That's a blog for another day.

Dr Craig with Tova - Chiro


Tova at chiro

Sleeping Beauty

Tova still hasn't been to hospital. I really have no idea how long it's been, It could even be coming up to two years for all I know. That's pretty outstanding.
She has been sick a few times, with croup and needed pred, but stayed home.
It's school holidays at the moment. Both kids hanging out at home lots. I love not having to wake up early to get everyone ready, and not having to make lunches.. ahh.. so nice.

Tova has a subscription to the Australian Ballet and Opera Australia, (that reminds me, I need to renew them). I managed to offload a few sessions to my mum and even Yuval took her to one ballet. Today Tova and I went to see 'Sleeping Beauty'. I find the Ballet quite boring. However the one we went to a few weeks ago was ok. I can't remember what it was called, perhaps 20:21 or something.
Anyways. So today we went to Sleeping Beauty. It was very shinny and sparkly. (Costumes and sets by my brother’s ex wife Gabriella, she is outstanding at what she does, obviously), Australia you can thank my bro for bringing such a talented lady to Australia.
I did get bored towards the end. I think the thing that kept me vaguely entertained was the incredible set and glittery ballerina clothing. But the rest of it, I really just don’t get it, they don’t do any fancy acrobatic moves, they just do the same few dance moves (that are incredible once or twice, but maybe not 100 times).
Tova didn’t get bored.
We were sitting next to Artistic Director David McAllister, he was watching it like he'd never seen it before, enthralled, entranced and completely entertained, he totally gets it. Tova totally get's it.. I completely don't get it.

I think I'll get Tova an Orchestra Australia subscription for next year. That I can handle. And that she is completely and utterly obsessed with. Her favourite thing to watch ever, in the world (after Mr Bean) is anything Barenboim

The Devil, I mean croup..

Tova, Croup. omg. Really?

How can this still happen? Doesn't the world know how exhausting, terrifying and horrible this is for a little girl? Can't Croup just go away, like, forever?

Tova is happy enough, she usually is, even when she has ended up in ICU from croup. But it’s so scary to watch. And knowing that sleep isn’t going to happen much tonight is also miserable.

We pretended to ourselves that we could get away with out using Pred. So we went and got a new Ventolin from the chemist, gave Tova that and Panadol, and some Braur cold and flu medicine and then. omfg, I looked at what we (Yuval and I) were doing and remembered how we do this every time, denial.. And gave her Pred. Which thank god we have in the fridge. I just filled a script the other day, for no reason other than I could. So, that’s lucky.

By the grace of everything good, Tova seems to be asleep right now. I guess once the Pred kicks in she will wake and climb the walls for a few hours during the middle of the night. How delightful.

Yuval and I (and Tova, before she felt unwell) went to Nissim’s school for parent teacher interview. They pretty much said he is a pleasure to have and thank you for letting him come to this school, he is a delight. So, that’s that. We already know that. lol. But yes, it was pretty lovely to hear (again). ahh, my perfect children. Little angels

Tova's very first haircut

Tova had her first haircut today. Less than a week till her 8th birthday. We were both brave.

I was expecting it to be quite traumatic and or difficult. However the hardest part was when a little boy in the waiting room was told by his mum it was "time to go" and he cried saying "BUT I NEED TO COOK!" (there is a toy kitchen there - kids salon). Tova was so sad that he was so sad, she cried.. real tears..

While we were waiting I brushed some of the knots/dreads out of Tova's hair with a brush and product the hairdresser handed me.. it was fantastic. I'm going to buy a brush like that, and product like that!
Then it was Tova's turn. She wasn't reluctant. She was willing to go and sit down on the stool and quite pleased about being handed an Ipad. We youtubed violin players and she watched some great violin playing, even laughing while the hairdresser brushed and cut Tova's hair. It was unbelievable to watch.
I thought it would be more about crying than cutting. Tova would have happily sat there for hours. So now Tova has all neatly cut and much shorter hair. I hope it makes the dreads go away.
She looks beautiful.

We went to Little Hollywood - exclusive kid’s salon.
I decided to go here because I have been quite scared about taking her to the hairdressers, and thought that a salon for kids was the safest option.. And they were outstanding!
It's also the same place Nissim had his Upsherin (first haircut when he turned 3 years old).