And now, they are both 7

Happy 7th Birthday Nissim!

Nissim had a party in our 'shed' this weekend (our shed is more of a Granny Flat, but the council won't let us have people live in it, so we just call it the shed). It was very cute and old school.. Pass the parcel, musical statues, pin the nose on the clown face, lollies, lollie bags, prizes and running around.
And to anyone not invited. I'm sorry, there was no bad intention. I didn't have any say in the invite list, it was the decision of a 6 year old who was in a rush to go do other things like, play...

Tova didn't mind it too much, but at times found it a bit overwhelming. It was hard for her not having a parent to help her join in, because we were too busy running the party. Next year we will make sure that someone is there dedicated to ensuring she is also having fun. She did have fun, but she could have had more fun!
Nissim had a great time. He has such lovely friends.

After his party two of his closest best mates stayed for the day until it was time for Nissim to go to his Krav Maga class. He started a few weeks ago and it's really good. He likes it lots. The venue is very friendly and welcoming, which helps. It's great that he is doing self defence. His mate Ruby goes too, so it's nice they have each other. They have been friends since they were about 2 years old, friends from my gym creche.

Happy 7th Birthday and Krav Maga session


This post is important so I don't forget the time line.
A couple of weeks ago Tova took a couple of very small steps 100% unaided. I tried to get her to do it again so I could video it, but it's too hard keeping an eye on her and holding the phone at the same time.
So the other day I got her to do it again "4 steps and I'll clap Tova".. so she did. I took a very bad sideways video but it shows Tova walking for one of the first times in her life aged seven (7) years.

Any parents of kiddies that are told that your kids will never.... Don't listen! Instead read this book "The brain that changes itself"

Tova went to see 'Anything Goes' yesterday with grandpa and Savta. Tova has a subscription to the Ballet and Opera, for some reason the Opera included 'Anything Goes'.

The sun was out yeterday, it was still really cold, but the boys washed Yuval's car, which was cute to watch.

Boys washing the car

Kids reading

Horse Riding

Here is a little video of Tova riding her horse!


We went to Tassi for a holiday. NO THERAPY, just a holiday.

We all hated MONA - besides the fact that it is boring and weird (not in a good way), it was scary and stupid for kids, we lasted about 15 mins then left.

But wow, ZOODOO is amazing. It's by far the best animal park we have ever been to. Also, Bonorong was outstanding. Tova spent much of her time cleaning the grass and dust off the dirty Kangaroos, and feeding them.

We also loved Hastings Caves and
Richmond maze

It was really lovely to see both kids so interested in everything. I was surprised about Tova being so happy about it all.
Nissim is very into science and animals, so that wasn't so surprising. But Tova, who doesn't like animals at all was impressed with everything (of course cleaning the roos was the funniest). She isn't scared of animals, she just doesn't care for them and usually prefers the cats to not be on her bed etc (unlike me, who has a cat sleeping on my pillow most nights).

Tova also spent quite some time playing the piano at my dad's house.

Tova and Yuval
Tova Piano

oh, and we went out for dinner to a friend's place, a house with the best view of hobart ever! And this photo below shows my kids appreciating the view.

My kids appreciating the view

tova and a clean roo

Lily and Nissim with a roo

Hello Croup!

Tova is home today. No school. She is of course in very good spirits, but isn't breathing quite right. No other symptoms.

I’ve given her Pred and Panadol and she has improved.

It’s nice to have her around the house, she is such a nice little friend. Currently she is in the other room watching a Mr Bean movie. I can hear a Croupy laugh from time to time.

Other than this Croup day, she has been really well. Still no hospital, it’s been well over a year.

Her latest naughtiness has been escaping from car seats while driving. So, that’s fun for the driver. We had to go and buy new car seats. We got 3 new booster seats, a few Houdini straps and a special harness for one of the boosters.
That’s one for the school bus, one for my car, one for Yuvals car. We gave Grand pa an old baby seat that she still fits into (mostly) and a houdini strap, that will stop him having to ocky strap her in his car when he picks her up on Friday (I wish I had a photo of that).

Oh yes, we had to dismantle her beautiful bed and buy her a new one that is close to the ground. She had started thinking that climbing up the bed and throwing her self headfirst to the floor was a good idea.. I disagreed.

So I sold her old bed and got a new one

We have changed horse riding centres and are really happy with the new place. Tova has of course taken this naughty behaviour to horse riding too. Luckily there are two side walker to catch the naughty child. But she also likes to grab their glasses (if they are wearing them) and pull their clothing. It’s all to get the attention of the coaches, whom she loves interacting with, because they are amazing.

It’s great strong willed behaviour, that seems naughty, but it’s great to see her determination and crazy humour. Saying ‘No’ to her delights her even more, so it’s a tricky one.

I may take her to Dr Craig today ( I have to get my mother to drive us as she has borrowed my car, since she decided to crash hers, into a police car.