Melb - Kaniva Road Trip

Tova and I drove from about 10.30 till 5ish. We made it to the same hotel as last year. It's just of fun to be in the same hotel. We feel like regulars.

Tova and I talked and looked out the window for the first 2 - 3 hours. The drive was reasonable, no somke from bush fires, no road blocks from bush fires, just some wind.

We stopped and hand lunch in the same parky bit as last year too... just by fluke. The wind seemed to get a bit stronger the futher west we drove.

I put on a dvd for Tova for the rest of the trip.

I was listening to the radio, which was telling me about fires and storms.

Apparently I was heading right into a crazy pants storm with massive hail stones and high winds etc.. Yep, they were telling the truth. IT WAS SCARY! Thank you very much for that universe! I had to pull over at one stage because after the car was almost blown off the road the rain decided to make the road invisible.

It was a bit tricky to find the side of the road, but I did, and pulled over as did the car in front of me. Scary.

I was shaking.

The car was shaking.

Tova was happy. I love that kids feel safe with parents.

The rain stopped a little bit so I drove on very slow for a bit until there was a rest stop. I pulled up for a while and waited it out. It didn't take long. The storm passed, we carried on. There were many times where the wind didn't like my car driving in a straight line, but we managed. slowly.

After Horsham the world seemed to calm down and we watched the smoke from the bush fires out the left window.

Now at Kaniva. That was enough driving for one day. We now only have a short 3-4 hours tomorrow.

Tova requested to watch the nutcracker ballet, so that is what she is doing. I'm just sprawled out on a bed in this motel too tired to move. It's funny how sitting in a car all day can make me so tired.

For some reason Kaniva has these sheep everywhere.

Happy New Year 2015

Tova has made it pretty much ONE ENTIRE YEAR with no ER visit nor an Ambulance ride.

Nissim has completed Prep and moves to Grade 1 this year. Tova has finished grade 1 and is going to grade 2.

Tomorrow Tova and I are going to Future Footprints for their 3 week therapy program in Adelaide. We will drive. In the morning I’ll load up the car and we will leave when we feel like it. I love not flying.

I have started packing some bags and pretty much have just thrown most of our summer clothes into a bag, I never get to do that when flying.

Tova got a bike the other week too, so I want to take that. I’m not sure if we will have enough room. But I do have roof racks.

The boys are staying home. It’s a long time to be away from them. But at least it’s not as far as Canada, Thailand, Austria and every other place we have been for therapy


Happy New Year 2015


So, the other night we went to Tova's school awards night. For the primary school. It was great. I was surprised.
Tova was very excited to go. It started at about 7pm, so it was a late night & fun to be at school at night time.
There were organised games and activities, Tova loved it. It was really nice to see her so enthusiastic, which in turn made us feel involved.
I really love her school.

Then there was an awards ceremony. 4 awards were given out in the primary school. Two for bravery and two for literacy.
TOVA WON (achieved) A LITERACY award!
Our precious non-verbal princess! We are so proud! She is so lovely and so clever!

Her Auslan is pretty great these days.

Yuval and I also completed our TAFE course 'Cert 2 Auslan' the other day. That feels good. Cert 3 next year.

And the little boy, tomorrow is his last day of prep. I can't believe it. Where did the year just go? It's very cute talking to him about being a big grade 1 next year.

Tova with her literacy award 2014

World Premmie Day

Apparently today is world premmie day. What ever that means..

I'm not sure if it is a celebration or a nightmare memory.

I do know my kids are strong.

This is a photo of possibly the first hold I ever hand with Tova, months after she was born. And the hand print she left on my chest once I gave her back to the Humidi Crib. I almost ran out and had it tattooed on me!
This is a photo of possibly the first hold I ever hand with Tova, months after she was born. And the hand print she left on my chest once I gave her back to the Humidi Crib. I almost ran out and had it tattooed on me! 2007

And my boy!

Tiny New Nissim
Tiny New Nissim 2008


After having a think about it, I hate my photo being taken because I see my self as hideous to look at in many photographs. Of course I know I am far more critical about myself than anyone else. Perhaps because I was bullied at school and am acutely aware of all the body parts that those bullies ensured I would be aware of for the rest of my life (stupid bullies, thank's for that!).

And photos of my kids being put out there in public makes me nervous, I guess I feel that it some how takes away their identity a little bit. A photo shows only a fraction of them, yet photos can be so deeply judging, at least, people can be so deeply judgie. Or something. However...

Jewish Care are raising money for new buildings. They asked if they could take a photo of Tova and her family. It is really hard to get the 4 of us together at one time. So, it ended up being a photo session with Tova, Nissim and me.

It is strange to me that the 'selfie' is such a big hit at the moment. I often wonder why and how people find it so easy to put their face out there for everyone to see, online.

I walked past someone using a 'selfie stick' the other day. How amusing.

Here is a pic of Tova and I.

Tova and I