It's been ages

Tova has had croup a few times. Needed Pred, got better - at home - and stayed out of hospital.
Perhaps what they told me is true "she will grow out of it"!
What ever the reason, it's fabulous.

Tova is getting better at walking with her sticks and she is fantastic at standing up. She stands, standing.. from sitting she can get her self into standing and stand there. It’s really quite amazing!
I really don’t have much else to say. Everyone is healthy, happy (most of the time - who ever said we had to be happy all the time anyway?), and doing well at school.

Tova wanted to fly on a broom. And got cross when it didn't fly.
Tova wanted to fly on a broom. And got cross when it didn't fly.

Good old croup

The kids are back at school. Grade 1 and grade 2.

They started on different days (at different schools) so I took each one for their first day. They were both happy to be back at school and like magnets found their friends straight up.

Tova got sick on Monday night. TERRIBLE breathing. We gave her Pred and ventolin.. She improved enough for us to not call the ambulance. But it was a close call.
It was a hard night. She wouldn’t sleep and wanted to climb on everything and was wide awake.. Yuval and I weren’t.. It was torture. She was kinda crazy breathing and crazy awake from 1.30am till 4am… Eventually she went to sleep.
Of course she didn’t go to school on Tuesday. She watched movies all day on Tuesday. She discovered Cast away (Tom Hanks) and loves it Wilson.

Tuesday night she woke crying at 3 or 4 am.. She was so upset and breathing very strangely, I hadn’t heard that kind of strange breathing before. She was also shaking and I guess she had a fever. So we quickly gave her Panadol to reduce the fever. She was quite distressed but after the drugs kicked in she relaxed and fell asleep on me! So we knew she was sick. It was so scary. We aren’t used to this different sickness. But the Panadol seemed to work, which was comforting.
She woke up at something like 11am on Wednesday and I took her out onto the deck to get some sun and fresh air. The rest of the day was spent watching Castaway.

She stayed home Thursday and Friday too, she could have gone to school on Friday, but what was the point. She is heaps better now. So school on Monday please

Nissim seems to be enjoying himself at school in Grade 1. He has good friends and so far the school seems great. It will possibly be way too religious later, as he gets older. But that can be his decision. He is welcome to stay there till grade 12 or change schools. He just has to be happy!

Tova not feeling well and sleeping on the deck in the sun

Future Footprints + boys

Future Footprints was great. It's pretty much like magic, probably because I'm not quite sure what they do all day but the results are very obvious and very wonderful.

Just before we went to Adelaide Tova had her 4th lot of Stem Cells. So that could be a contributing factor to her greatness. But Conductive Ed does seem to have great results.

The last week was good. I'm not sure what happened to Summer this year. But when the boys arrived for the last few not so hot days we still made sure we had frequent, yet a little chilly beach visits.

It was great having the boys arrive at the end of the trip and driving home with us. It was better that way, less crying on my part.

The drive home was long, long, long. We ended up staying somewhere I'm not quite sure where, for the night. Tova was crazy pants nuts! I pretty much had no sleep, Yuval almost no sleep and Nissim for some reason slept through it all. Tova was acting as though she had been stung by a bee or given some speedy drugs. Climbing walls, investigating every bed and everyone in each bed (mostly me) and really being difficult. So, that was 'fun'.


Melb - Kaniva Road Trip

Tova and I drove from about 10.30 till 5ish. We made it to the same hotel as last year. It's just of fun to be in the same hotel. We feel like regulars.

Tova and I talked and looked out the window for the first 2 - 3 hours. The drive was reasonable, no somke from bush fires, no road blocks from bush fires, just some wind.

We stopped and hand lunch in the same parky bit as last year too... just by fluke. The wind seemed to get a bit stronger the futher west we drove.

I put on a dvd for Tova for the rest of the trip.

I was listening to the radio, which was telling me about fires and storms.

Apparently I was heading right into a crazy pants storm with massive hail stones and high winds etc.. Yep, they were telling the truth. IT WAS SCARY! Thank you very much for that universe! I had to pull over at one stage because after the car was almost blown off the road the rain decided to make the road invisible.

It was a bit tricky to find the side of the road, but I did, and pulled over as did the car in front of me. Scary.

I was shaking.

The car was shaking.

Tova was happy. I love that kids feel safe with parents.

The rain stopped a little bit so I drove on very slow for a bit until there was a rest stop. I pulled up for a while and waited it out. It didn't take long. The storm passed, we carried on. There were many times where the wind didn't like my car driving in a straight line, but we managed. slowly.

After Horsham the world seemed to calm down and we watched the smoke from the bush fires out the left window.

Now at Kaniva. That was enough driving for one day. We now only have a short 3-4 hours tomorrow.

Tova requested to watch the nutcracker ballet, so that is what she is doing. I'm just sprawled out on a bed in this motel too tired to move. It's funny how sitting in a car all day can make me so tired.

For some reason Kaniva has these sheep everywhere.

Happy New Year 2015

Tova has made it pretty much ONE ENTIRE YEAR with no ER visit nor an Ambulance ride.

Nissim has completed Prep and moves to Grade 1 this year. Tova has finished grade 1 and is going to grade 2.

Tomorrow Tova and I are going to Future Footprints for their 3 week therapy program in Adelaide. We will drive. In the morning I’ll load up the car and we will leave when we feel like it. I love not flying.

I have started packing some bags and pretty much have just thrown most of our summer clothes into a bag, I never get to do that when flying.

Tova got a bike the other week too, so I want to take that. I’m not sure if we will have enough room. But I do have roof racks.

The boys are staying home. It’s a long time to be away from them. But at least it’s not as far as Canada, Thailand, Austria and every other place we have been for therapy


Happy New Year 2015