After having a think about it, I hate my photo being taken because I see my self as hideous to look at in many photographs. Of course I know I am far more critical about myself than anyone else. Perhaps because I was bullied at school and am acutely aware of all the body parts that those bullies ensured I would be aware of for the rest of my life (stupid bullies, thank's for that!).

And photos of my kids being put out there in public makes me nervous, I guess I feel that it some how takes away their identity a little bit. A photo shows only a fraction of them, yet photos can be so deeply judging, at least, people can be so deeply judgie. Or something. However...

Jewish Care are raising money for new buildings. They asked if they could take a photo of Tova and her family. It is really hard to get the 4 of us together at one time. So, it ended up being a photo session with Tova, Nissim and me.

It is strange to me that the 'selfie' is such a big hit at the moment. I often wonder why and how people find it so easy to put their face out there for everyone to see, online.

I walked past someone using a 'selfie stick' the other day. How amusing.

Here is a pic of Tova and I.

Tova and I

Croup.. but no hospital

Tova woke up at 6am ish on Sunday morning breathing horribly. So we gave her pred.

As usual Pred makes her look like a vampire. She was happy enough, but a little bit flat.. So we canceled our fun events for the day and spent the day looking after ourselves. 

I like to keep her close to me when she gets croup so I can listen to her breathing. She was breathing wasn't great, but not hospital worthy.

She woke this morning breathing fine, after sleeping very well last night.

It is great to see that things are hopefully finally changing regarding the croup.

I have been sick for about 3 weeks. I usually get this cough and feeling crap in August, maybe that is why I have babies born so early in August?

In other news, Nissim and 5 of his school friends had a joint birthday party. They decided that instead of presents, they would like people to donate some money to Jewish Care Children Respite House. They raised over $1200. I'm so proud & Jewish Care are so grateful! They are such good kids. 

All the kids are 6

So, both kids in the house are 6! 

Tooth Number One! For The Boy

Nissim came home from visiting his friend Violet (they have been friends since they were about 3, they were best friends at creche and have kept the friendship even though they haven't attended the same school/kinder for about 3 years, which is lovely).

He was all excited to tell us that he had swallowed his wobbly tooth and that it would come out in his poo! hehe. 

He said he didn't even notice until he went to wobble it with his tongue and it was just 'gone'. 


foggy horse riding
Morning horse ride in the fog


Tova has recently had her second lot of stem cells, we shall see what comes of that. The first thing I noticed was her desire to walk (aided) and not be carried.

 Here is a pic from horse riding the other day in the fog: 

Wobbly Tooth


Nissim has his first Wobbly Tooth! It is pretty exciting. He looked quite shocked when I told him.. He is a funny one, a bit of a wuss.. :-) But then he realised that I was very excited and he decided that he would go with it being fun! We have been talking about the going rate of the tooth fairy these days. I have been informed that it is more than $1 now. 

I'm not feeling very well today.. So I went to get a prescription of pred filled incase Tova gets sick. The prescription had expired so I had to go beg a doctor to give me a new one without seeing Tova.. that was fun.. 

Tova is going really well with walking. She doesn't really use her walking frame anymore and has moved onto using walking sticks. 

I have invited all Tova's class mates to her birthday party and have only heard back from ONE person. It is very strange. I am also surprised that not one person has invited her to their party this year. Either no one has parites, or she isn't popular? The teacher says that the kids don't seem to have parties, so she has been giving them one at  school when it is their birthday. HOW STRANGE... Well we will be happy to have the party with her one class friend and the other couple of friends we invited from outside of school..