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Another Budapest Saturday

After taking it easy in the morning Tova and I had breakfast and relaxed a bit. Then I did some housework, in Budapest... odd.. it felt odd.
After being all domestic we went out and about. We didn't go far. Just down the road a bit to the train that goes up the hill.
We stood in line for quite a while and then got on the trainy thingy that goes up the hill. Tova liked it lots, which was nice to see. The second we got to the top and walked out the doors there were two buskers.. one playing the violin and one the guitar. I said out loud "my work here is done!". This would have made Tova's day complete. We actually didn't need to do anything else. And every time I suggested we go look around the magic fairy tale land we had just landed in, she said 'NO'.
They took a break which allowed me to move on.. We didn't get far, because there was what I assume is the changing of the guard outside some official building (wow, I'm so ignorant about this place). The solders were playing drums and marching.. One of Tova's favourite things to watch is the Military tattoo... so.. that went down well.

It was as though it was all planned.. just for Tova.
We walked around on the cobbled streets which was funny for Tova in the pram. Bumpity bump... We walked past things like turrets. And found ourselves in the Museum. I'm not sure why, but they let us in for free. Maybe it's free.. Maybe not.. who knows.. but it was great. We left the pram downstairs and Tova walked up the stairs holding my hand. A few other tourists were admiring how clever Tova is. Nice. and true...
We looked at a few things, Tova loved the touch screen Tv's and found a room about the orchestra, much to her delight.

Tova wanted to go find the violin and guitar players again. So we walked off. First we went exploring a little and ended up at a stunning church. The people at the door said it wasn't open for the public (they said that to the person in front of me). I asked if they ever had any orchestra or performances in there. She said that currently at that very moment, there was a choir practice about to start. I asked if we could go in and watch. She said "Yes". Lucky. So we went in and sat next to some older ladies in a pew. We waited and then watched the singing for a while. Tova asked to leave after about 20 - 30 mins, she was confused why no one was clapping. Maybe people don't clap in church. She was also disappointed that there was no piano.
The inside of the building was stunning. Everything is so detailed.

Outside had started to rain a tiny, tiny bit. But it made me worry that we'd get all wet. If it hadn't started to rain I imagine we'd have wandered around for ages more, we passed a market even. It looked cool.. But we went back down the trainy thingy on the hill and got the busses home.

Getting a bus in Budapest with a pram/wheelchair is a challenge. I've been caught in the closing doors twice. Once I didn't even make it out, they slammed in my face. The other time I got squashed but pushed my way out. You have to be FAAASTTT.. Which is tricky with a Tova. Oh well.. I also find it a big challenge to get a ticket. It's impossible to find anywhere that sells tickets, but you can get them from the driver, if the bus isn't full, which it always is. And if it isn't, it's so hard because they drive off so fast.. and I have a Tova.. So. it's a bit overwhelming.

It was a good day, thanks to the music. It made a Tova happy.

Fiddlers on the roof
Fiddlers on the roof




Coat of arms?
So beautiful

Being delighted
Tova being delighted in Budapest

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