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Another Sunday in Budapest

My house in Budapest
My hidden treasure chest
Golden grand piano
My beautiful Castillo

I've had this in my head all day, why should I be the only one? Enjoy!

Yooouooo, youuuu....

We didn't do really anything much today. We stayed in the flat for most of the day. I took Tova to the park at one stage. I realised it was an amazing day when I opened all the windows and felt a warm breeze.. wtf.. It was like a summers day. At leat it was for the afternoon.

We also had a chat to our neighbour (the owner of the flat's mum), she had made some cake and gave some to Tova and I. I accidentally dropped half of it on the floor, in front of her..... well done me! The rest we ate.. YUM! For real apple cake, no sugar.. so delicious! The apples she has been collecting in the stair well. Her friend has apple trees.

Ooh, you
Ooh, I'd leave it all........ (you're welcome!)

I was feeling a bit home sick today. It's a stupid feeling.

Last night Tova wouldn't go to sleep. She has also discovered the light switch in her room and is having fun turning it on at bed time. I gave up putting her back to bed after the 100th time and left her door open. She ended up in my bed watching vampire diaries etc until about 11.30pm, when FINALY she fell the fu#k to sleep. Ffs.
It's Sunday night at about 8.30pm now. She's been in her room for about 40 mins. I thought she'd be so tired after not sleeping much last night. But oh no... I can still hear her fussing. Perhaps she has an issue now about sleeping in a room with the light on.. well.. if she knows how to turn it on, she can bloody turn it off too.. She usually sleeps so well at home. Here she's been having trouble. I wonder why. And she gets tired at Budapest school. I might have a chat to them about it. I guess she could be a bit home sick too.. but.. hmmm

Apple Cake - so yum!
Apple Cake - so yum!

Tova rock climbing in Budapest
Tova rock climbing in Budapest

Day 11 - Peto
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