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Day 1 - Peto

Tova woke me up at about 4.30am. Thanks for that.
I did some work for a while, and pottered around until it was time to leave for Tova's first day at PETO.

I actually can't keep my eyes open. I'll write this tomorrow..

Ok. It's tomorrow today.
I passed out last night quite early, maybe 8.30pm.. gosh. Probably because Tova woke us up ta 4.30am that morning. Anyways. So... we went up the hill to the Peto Institute. It's about a 10 min walk from our apartment. We spent about 2 hours talking with someone about Tova’s history and our goals etc.. Then we were told to come back tomorrow. They think Tova will only last half a day. I laughed. I said.. “you’ll see”.. She’d stay till midnight if she could.

Tova and I went back to the apartment. I worked all day and she watched orchestra people playing Straus.
My work was being frustrating so we went for a walk to the shopping centre in the afternoon. We found, much to Tova’s delight, SUSHI. But it’s not normal sushi like Melbourne style. They cut it into bits and, too hard to explain.. See the image. We got HEAPS. I asked for two rolls, and we got….. see photo. We ate it all of course. Tova refused to leave any. I wasn’t very hungry but ate some so that she wouldn’t eat it all and pop. Crazy eater Tova.

There are dogs. There are dogs in shops here. People don’t leave dogs tied up out the front of shops, they take them into shops. There are even Vets in shopping malls. It’s how it should be!

Sushi budapest style

Umbrellas in the shopping centre.. who knows why?

Day 2 - Peto