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Day 10 - Peto

Yay it's Friday!

Tova is happy it's the weekend, mostly because it means she can go see an orchestra - I'd better find one.

Tova had another good day at Peto. I really, really like the Conductors. They are all lovely! And they are amazing with kids. There is something very special about these people.
I also love the European way - the strength of character! They are inspiring.
It's also interesting how they make things Tova can do, harder so she is challenged. In Australia, much of the time, things are made easier, so that she is able to do more, but with more assistance. I'm not really into that. It has it's place, but I do like Tova moving forward and improving in all aspects of herself. It's hard to explain. I guess Australia like equipment and I like Tova to use her body.

I went and got my soup for lunch and took it up to the room to eat with Tova upstairs. That was nice. She had a MASSIVE bowl of rice with fish fingers cut up fine.

The Deaf people that work at Peto visited me today. I opened the Hungarian Sign Dictionary on my computer, that was fun. It helped me explain why I was sitting in the computer room with 2 laptops and an ipad.

Tova went to the big kids/adults room for the afternoon. She likes it in there. She met with a new conductor, a male and she wouldn't let anyone else hang out with her apparently. Then when I turned up to pick her up, she told me to go away because she was busy with the conductor playing. SO CUTE! So fantastic. I'm going to try and convince him to move to Australia.

Ok so the cake update. We went to the shops after Budapest school and got some snacks including a strange local thingy. I'm not sure what it's called. I'll look at the name next time I'm up there. But see the pic. It tastes pretty much exctly how I expeted it to taste.
I also got a beer (It costs about 90cents for a beer here).. we are going to party it up tonight Tova and I.

The doggy and family are going home this weekend, back to Ireland. They showed me the doggy passport. For real passport. So cool. Such a beautiful dog.

I'm pretty sure that Budpaest is one of my most favorite places in the world. I don't usually feel like this about places I visit. But here. well.. .. . I could stay! And be happy.

Doggy Passport
Dog passport

Budapest beer

Scrolly Thing

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