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Day 13 - Peto

Time goes fast.. I feel like we have been here for ages, but not long enough. I can't believe we are half way through this week.

Budapest was a stunning, sunny and warm city today. I've spent the entire day in a tshirt/ short sleeves. It's great. The windows and doors were open at Peto too, so lovely breathing fresh air. I'm happy Tova got to experience air for her day. There is a massive balcony outside of the room she is in.
Tova had a good day today. There are currently only 3 kids, and that is for the morning, in the afternoon, it was just Tova. Tomorrow though, there are a few newbies (but have been here before) coming. So it will be busier.

I sat with Tova while she ate her lunch today, she skyped with Aba for a little bit while she was eating. I'm sure he liked seeing her. She loved seeing him.
After lunch I went and got my soup and brought it up to the class room. I then moved all my computing gear in there and sat in the room (out of view from Tova) and did my work for the arvo. It was nice listening to everything that was going on with Tova. I'm still not sure how they maintain thier energy with kids all day. I can't think of many things I'd like to do less. I'm sure they probably feel the same about spending the day doing computer code.

It was so warm this morning.
No jackets walking to Peto this morning

Walking home this arvo
Walking home this afternoon.. lovely and warm Budapest

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