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Day 14 - Peto

Tova is doing well. I sat in the class room (away from Tova so she couldn't see me) for most of the day. I was set up with my computers working, but I just needed happy people around me. I couldn't sit in the computer lab today. I'm too stressed by the work I'm doing and needed the positive and loving energy of the people in Peto and hearing Tova's voice every now and then, it helped keep my spirits up.

Tova is doing great with her eating skills and excellent with her drinking skills. I'm impressed with her. She's a little princess.
I did manage to leave my power cords at Peto today so had to run back up there this afternoon to get them so I can spend my night working. yay. Anyway, it's good exercise.
It was another short sleeves day today. Apparently it's usually snowing at this time of year.. I'm glad it's not.
My friend in Australia had a kidney transplant today. I hope all went well. He's about 9 years old. His dad donated a Kidney to someone in Sydney that donated one back to the 9 year old. AMAZING. I'm looking forward to hearing how it all went.

Tova is very ready for the weekend. I love that she is excited about weekends.

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