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Day 15 - Peto

No photos today. I hung out in Tova's class room all day (at the desk working). I didn't want to be alone, again... My work is quite stressful and I just need the happy sounds around me. My cute little Tova. It was nice to hear her and be close to her all day.

So.. one more week to go. It will be nice to be home. I do want to stay here at the same time. But there are only a few more weeks of school till summer holidays and more Conductive Ed in Adelaide.
Not to mention that I miss my boys. Lots.

Tova and I are going to have FUN this weekend. I'm so in the need for a break.. And so is she! I'd love to find more buskers for her to watch. Hopefully magic will happen like last Saturday.
I think Tova want's to go on a train. So perhaps we'll do that at some stage. Not sure where to yet. Some where beautiful, which isn't hard, because we are in magic fairy land!

Oh yeh. Today I got my soup AND got the main meal as a take away (they provide take away containers).. So I didn't have to cook tonight. AND it's only about $4 for a massive meal that we can share. I imagine that next week I'll do that every single day. Pff, why shop? WHY COOK?! This is amazing. I'm glad I discovered this.

A cold Saturday in Budapest
Day 14 - Peto