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Day 16 - Peto

It's my birthday!
Yesterday at bed time I talked to Tova about tomorrow it being my birthday and that she should come into my bed in the morning and sign 'Happy birthday Imma'. She took it all in and understood. It was very cute. So.... This morning I woke up with a Tova next to me (she'd come in at about 3am). When she woke up I said "is there anything you want to tell me?"
She took a while and then signed 'Happy birthday'. So sweet. And then she asked about cake. Cake, cake, cake, cake. Can we have cake?

We got cake on the way to school and at her break we at it together.

I got my soup for lunch and a take away pack of food for tonight's dinner.. omg. I love not cooking. And I love that they give us enough food for two for about $3.

Why did I still have so many dishes?

After school we walked up to the shopping centre. I wanted a scrolly cinnamon thingy. So we got one of those, some other cake and bananas. And walked home... in the dark.. at 4.30pm...

Got home.. and ate.. cake... and that dinner. and cake.

At peto today the Israeli family are back. The dad was there today. It was nice to hear Hebrew. It made me miss Yuval, who actually says quite a bit of Ivrit at home.. Hmm. I never really thought much of it, but every time the dad said a hebrew word that Yuval says frequently I missed yuval. And Nissim. Wow. Nissim is great at Hebrew.

I worked all day, in the back of the class room again, not wanting to be alone.

Tova was in a sad and grumpy mood all day. I could hear her from where I was sitting. I couldn't do much about it because I'm so busy with work. I felt guilty, but I also feel gulity to not work.. I know she is in good hands. And there are no other hands to do my work.. so.. well. this is life.

Birthday Cake

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