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Day 2 - Peto

We got up at a more tolerable time this morning. 6ish I think. Tova was still in bed when I got up so I went and snuggled with her for a while. This sounds much better than it is. Tova Is actually horrible to sleep with and impossible to rest with. But I tried. It’s still nice to see her smile first thing in the morning.
It’s night now, after a long day and I have just put Tova to bed. I can hear her mucking around in her room. Which is fine, but dangerous and scary. She has no fear and is really nuts. She does dangerous things like try and climb walls standing on her bed etc.. and I just heard a bang, crash, laugh.. it’s freaking me out that it will be a bang, crash, cry. I went in when I heard the first bang, crash, laugh to investigate. I found a laughing Tova on the floor with her doona. She then fingerspelt to me ‘Slide’. Good one Tova.. So.. I’m a little on edge worrying about what she is going to break on her body. I also know if I go in each time it will make her do it more. But if I leave her alone she is going to get bored.

Tova had her first day today at Peto. Firstly. Before I came here I wrote about 40 emails with the Peto people. They were very, very, very unhelpful. If I wasn’t me, I would never have come. They are so unprofessional in the office. I may go find them to see why. But anyway. So they were terrible at communicating. But I did manage to get a few clear answers to some questions before I came here. Answers that helped me make the decision to come here rather than go back to Ability Camp in Canada.
1: 100% confirmation that there is a 4 week 8 year old group/session starting 26th October, with the opportunity to extend or shorten the visit if we like/dislike.
2: Peto have never, ever put little kids with teenagers or older, that offended them when I asked if they had ever done that (because I’d heard they had). They were appalled that I would ask such a stupid question.
3: I would not have to stay in the room with her to help or be part of the therapy as I have to work each day.
Right.. so I’m here. The staff know nothing about any 8 year old group. And thought it was strange that I asked about it
Tova is with not only in a group with teenagers but also the group has people in their early 20’s.
They were surprised when I started to leave for the day.

Tova is in a group of about 4. One man in his early 20's from America. Another man in his early 20's from Yemen. A young girl (teenager) from Ukraine. There are a few others that come and go. I think her group get's split up in the day, the others that come and go are 2 teenagers, one from Asia and one from England, and a girl (teenager) from Ireland.
All these people are LOVELY. I don't have a problem yet, with Tova being with these people, I do however wonder and am baffled about why they felt like they had to make stuff up/lie to me about it. I mean, I was going to find out the day I got here right. So what's the point. Aren't they going to be embarrassed about how stupid they look now? I don't get it. Some people are Twits.

I've seen a few religious Jewish women floating about. I said hi to one today, she seemed shocked that I asked her if she was Jewish. Not sure why.. I asked if she spoke English, she said 'Ivrit'. Hmm I can say Shafan and that's about it really.. so then she said "yes and English". She is here from Israel. I don't know any more as I was walking into class with Tova. Anyway. Maybe we'll talk more over the time I'm here. The irish mums that are wandering about seem great. I had a chat with two of them. One has her dog with her. He flies with them. Amazballs.. what a dog dude. He even gets a seat because he is a working dog. LOVE IT!

When I picked Tova up I didn't get told any info. I was asking everyone. No one had anything to tell me. So I'm sure I'll find out in the morning. It was different staff this arvo than when I dropped her off in the morning.
I stuck around for a little while, but have a few projects on for work, so I had to go. I liked what I was seeing and felt brave enough to leave. Tova told me to go and then cried when I left.

No photos today...

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