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Day 3 - Peto

I like Budapest. I like Autumn. It's nice walking around in so many pretty leaves.
This morning Tova and I bumped into the Israeli lady when we got to Peto. We talked to her for a while. She is lovely. She was friendly and kind and I really liked talking to her. Her story is something like this. She is here for just this week with her little son, I think he is 3yrs old (I just made that up, I can't remember how old he is). She has a husband and 2 or 3 other kids back in Israel. Next year (or later this year, I also can't remember the finer details), she will move with her kids to Budapest (to the Jewish area) for an entire year. Her eldest will start school here, at the Jewish school and the little one will go to Peto.. for a year.. I'm jealous. That's very cool. I'd love that for Tova. There are actually many families like that here. Some are here for most of the year, and others have been coming twice a year for 10 or more years for a month at a time.. type thing. I'm one of the newbies. I'm most certainly not made to feel like a newbie or anything different. The other parents are very lovely. It's interesting to meet them.

So we got to the institute this morning and told that Tova was to join the other group, with the little kids.. Good. that's a bit more appropriate than being with teenagers and 20 year olds. Not that it mattered as they were all lovely and what not. BUT... I was asked to stay.. omfg. I've no idea why the office people didn't actually go and talk to the staff that run the classes.. It's so strange and so unprofessional. why didn't they just forward my email to the head of the international department. I just can't comprehend the stupidity.
I've currently got a massive client with a very, very small time frame to get her project up and running. I've been spending every last moment of my world working on this project. I must get it done, this client is relying on me. There is no way I can spend my days sitting bored to death in a room pretending to be interested in therapy with Tova. I pay people on purpose, I'm not interested. I told them as much. And that I had triple, triple checked before I left Australia many times, in advance, that I would NOT be required to be in the room with Tova. I can't think of many things I'd like to do less.

We compromised. I went back to the apartment (jogging, which was fun) grabbed my computers and went back to the institute to work there for the day. There is a library downstairs from Tova which I didn't use because they wouldn't let me keep my bag with me.. My bag that had all my computers.. ffs.. So I went to the room next door, a computer room and set up there. It's great actually. I'm going there again tomorrow for the day. No one else came in and no one came to get me about Tova.
But tomorrow I'll go upstairs for 2 breaks.. One to see her eat her morning snack and also for lunch, because they are teaching her to chew. They just talk about it as though it's something normal.. yeh.. she'll chew..Amazing.
So yes, there are a few shit things, but nothing shit about the therapy. I'm very impressed so far. The conductors (Therapists) are freeeeking lovely! Even dealing with a stressed out me. Impressive.

My office for the day..

walking to peto

On the way to peto
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