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Day 4 - Peto

We left the apartment at about 8.15 for the 8.30am start at Peto. It's a great walk. By the time we get up the hills and over all the bumps and cracks and crazy old footpaths, I feel like I've been to the gym for an hour. And Europeans keep the inside of buildings at a billion degree, so I usually melt by the time we get there.
Tova has been happy to go each day so far, that's a great sign.
I'm pretty sure we should move here.

I worked from the computer room again today.. Well I tried. I had to go buy internet to make that happen today. I was even brave enough to jump on the tram on the way back for the second time. I was actually too tired to walk by then. It took my half the day to get my own net. I'll make up the time in the evenings and weekend I guess. Shame.. Oh well..
Interestingly.. While I was stressing out about all the work I have to do and not being able to do it, I went and sat down for a few moments with the Irish mum (she's been here for 1.5 years, visiting home a few times here and there as it's only 2.5 hours away by plane). She helped me calm down about my client needing my time and me having an epic fail of an internet day.
I wandered off to go get ready to make the walk down and up to the shopping centre to fix the sim card that wasn't working. I noticed some people signing.. COOL! So.. I asked them in Auslan if they were deaf..It's the same signs for Deaf and Hearing in Auslan and Hungarian sign. We SASSED and signed, and understood each other. They lip read, but in Hungarian.. so I grabbed a Hungarian and asked them to say a couple of words.
I learned how to sing the word 'Hungary' and we discovered there are a few signs that are the same and have the same meaning. I felt so happy to have the 'conversation' with them. I'm amazed that we could communicated at all. That cheered me up.
They work at the Peto institute, apparently all the maintenance staff are Deaf. I love seeing signing everywhere. They wanted to see Tova so I took them over to the window to spy, but she was in a different room.
I was trying to tell them that Tova is 8 years old, but they thought I was saying I had 8 kids.. I laughed and said noooooooo.. lol. I'm not sure how to say 'age' in Hungarian sign.. but we ended up understanding each other. Fun.

Also when I arrived this morning some of the conductors said "Kristina says hi".. haha. this is the conductor from Canada.. they've been talking about me and Tova.. it's nice.

The conductors looking after Tova today were outstanding. Tova is going to get so much out of this program. She has already started to learn how to CHEW.. ffs.. amazing. I mean seriously amazing. And drinking from a cup properly.. it's just astounding.
TOmorrow I'll take my lunch breaks with Tova and be more involved than today. Today was all about going back and forth to the shops to get a stupid sim card working.. It's not stupid anymore because it works now.

Walking to and from shops

Walking to and from shops more

Vending machine with no coin slot.. no money slot at all
Vending machine with no coin slot.. no money slot at all

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