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Day 6 - Peto

I like this place. I like the atmosphere.. Maybe it's because I can't read nor understand anything. It's kinda fun
The weekend went so fast. It's hard to believe it's Monday. Tova and I walked up the hill to Peto. She went to class and I went to the computer lab to work.
Last week was school holidays so there weren't many people around. Today I had to share 'my office'. People were talking to me and I didn't even notice.. I turned around at one stage and everyone was staring at me.. haha. I got a fright.. They were looking at me as if to say 'why aren't you answering us?'.. lol.. 'oooh', I said, 'um.. gosh. I don't understand you lot, not even if you say hello to me'. they laughed...

I went up to have lunch and snacks with Tova. She is so cute. They are trying so hard to get her to chew. She is trying so hard to chew.. She was eating some fancy Croissant thingy this morning. Rice for lunch.

I was brave too and went to the cafeteria and got some soup. Kolrahbi soup.. It was ok.. It had cream it in.. oh well.. I was starving and my only other option is that food machine that has no coin slot.. it's only got very junk food. Or yes, I could bring my own food.. but that's not going to happen.

There are only 3 kids including Tova in her group at the moment. So that's nice.

We miss Nissim. He has sports day today. GO NISSIM!

Day 7 - Peto
Sunday - Budapest