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Day 7 - Peto

I'm on a soup quest. Yesterday kohlrabi soup, today.. I'm not exactly sure.. perhaps vegetable soup.. Awesome soups.
Oh.. and I've been introduce to cake. Dear lord. Tova and I may need an extra seat each on the way back home. Cake costs next to nothing here and it's divine. I've decided that our new mission should be a piece of cake a day keeps the doctor away. I'll give it a go at least for a few days. Today is day 1.. success. yum. It's possible that I've eaten two pieces of cake today, but forgot to photograph the first one. The second one Tova selected and she did well. Some sort of orange, chocolate, nut thingy..


Tova and I walked to the Peto in the morning. There was frosty, crispy, frozen leaves on the ground. It reminded me of growing up in Hobart and walking to school on cold mornings.

I'm pretty sure Tova is working hard at Peto. She is still happy to go there. She still is kicking me out of the room and tells me to go downstairs to work. She's very, very, very, very cute.
I missed Nissim lots today. There was a grandson of one of the conductors in the room today, he is about 4 with no special needs. He made me think of Nissim, which made me miss Nizo.. my cute little man.

Tova and I have had dinner and are now sitting on my bed, she is watching Barenboim and I'm doing this. I think she must be his biggest fan.

Oh I went up and had lunch with Tova. She is getting a bit annoyed about all this chewing work she has to do.. my poor little baby.. but.. Sorry Tova, people chew. She took about 100 years to eat her massive bowl of chicken and rice. I went downstairs after that and worked.

After 'budapest' school, Tova and I went to the shops to get Soy Yogurt and cake. It's pretty cold out there. The inside of buildings in Europe is a billion degree, so when you go outside it's unexpected.

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